Please Help Me Choose...bubble Quilt Or Large Tote

  1. Assuming price isn't an issue...which of these would you choose?

    by the way,...the tote is brown, large version....does anyone already have one?
    a1e3_1.jpg img.jpg
  2. not a fans of bubble, so i go for the large tote
  3. i like both, but the large tote more
  4. I like bubble quilt, but that particular one looks very I pick the tote because I like the bronze color better.
  5. Bubble quilt!
  6. The large Sharpey tote. :yes:
  7. I would go for the tote. Don't really like the flap on bubble quilts. If it were to be a bowler than that one..
  8. oooh, Im diggin the jumbo quilt. Very chic/unique/edgy.
  9. oops , I meant bubble quilt. KWIM
  10. Large tote vote!
  11. My vote goes to the Bubble Quilt.
  12. large tote! especially if you carry alot. the largest bubble doesnt accommodate as much as the tote (i have tried putting my stuff in one at Saks). the only color that really knocks me out in the bubble is the dark green..................
  13. I LOVE the bubble quilt! However, you really can't go wrong with either. They are so different in terms of size and function. If you need something that can hold alot, go for the tote, but if you want something smaller that's absolutely stunning, go for the bubble quilt!
  14. bubble
  15. one more vote for the tote...