Please help me choose black bag for work

  1. GRY01240_182980.jpg Bianca Satchel in Med. or
    gryson black spye bag Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated
  2. i've owned both and i love the look of the gryson, BUT, it is difficult getting in and out of; i think the leather straps are somewhat awkward...the bianca is a wonderful bag, awesome leather and fits everything, although some people think the turnlock with the strap closure is, i guess it's what you like in terms of convenience...i don't really think you can go wrong with either one!
  3. the bianca! its a beauty.
  4. Bianca, I hear you can fit a lot in it. Plus it's pretty!
  5. Bianca!
  6. I have the medium Botkier in Bone and love it, but can't personally recommend using it as an everyday workhorse as the leather is so very soft -- it feels too delicate for me to be slinging around on a daily basis. You can fit a lot in it though and the front pockets are great for storing ID/transit cards and keys.
  7. I really adore the Gryson. I've never seen either IRL, but from the pictures, Gryson hands down. :yes: