Please, Help me Choose between......

  1. Hello!

    First of all, my story is a bit too long. Sorry if it will sore your eyes :p

    Please, help me choose between this 2 bags.

    1. Chanel Cotton Club Clutch bag
    2. Louis Vuitton baggy PM

    I have been searching for a new bag for more than two weeks. First, I plan to get a Chanel Flap bag but I have change my mind as realised later that I don't like the structure bag :sweatdrop: . I bought a Botega Venata bag instead.

    I still want a new bag and I choose between Louis Vuitton Speedy bag 25" in red epi, Louis Vuitton baggy PM, and Damier Azure Saleya PM. My choice go for a Danim Baggy PM.

    But today I visit Chanel thread and found a pic of stunning Cotton Club Clutch bag and I think it is stunning. :love:

    What do you think of this 2 bags? Which one is better and why??

    Thank you very much !
    cotton clutch.jpg lvdenim.jpg
  2. What will you use it for? The LV denim is definitely more casual and looks fun and young. The Chanel clutch is more classic and could be daytime or evening. For myself, I would get the Chanel--I think this bag is understated and classy. But for casual use the LV denim is fun. Let us know what you decide!!
  3. I never think what I can use a bag for. As I have every style of bags (I think I have all styles - clutch, pochette,bucket, tote, shoulder bag, handheld, ...)
    I just buy what I think it looks great. I'm a little bias with Chanel coz it is my favorite bag. Anyway, recently the price of Chanel bag is growing higher and I have to say long goodbye for it (sure! I think I can still afford a little clutch :sweatdrop: )

    I asked for opinions in LV thread and mostly all votes go for a Denim baggy PM so I choose it :rolleyes:. I suppsed to buy a LV danim bag since it was launch a fauscia color but I didn't get it at that time. In my thought I still love fauscia color more than normal denim color.

    I visit Chanel thread and see a cotton club clutch which is so stunning!

    Sorry with too many probs, I just can't choose. I think a lot a lot a lot every time I buy a new bag. :shrugs:
  4. I prefer the Chanel- love the color!
  5. Vicky, I know what you mean about thinking, thinking, thinking when trying to decide to buy a bag! I go over and over all the details.

    I remember seeing your collection in the Bag Showcase and you do have wonderful variety and beautiful bags. Since you really like Chanel, why not get this clutch before prices go up any higher? It will always look stylish. I love the LV denim, but I think in a few years it will look out of style. It's very cute now, though. I still vote for the Chanel. I think it will look great on you.
  6. I agree with boxermom. I'm normally not a great fan of Chanel, but the bag you show looks like it will be a classic for many years to come!
  7. I like the chanel better too.
    I feel like the denim LV is sooo everywhere now, and I've seen one too many replicas of it and that makes me I wouldn't want to spend my money on that one....
    I agree that the chanel is such a classic...
    The denim is trendy unfortunately.
  8. Hmm. I'd get the Chanel. Those styles don't tend to last that long and if you do end up wanting the LV later, you'll know they still have it. That's one of my favorite denim styles too, by the way. :smile:
  9. Chanel! That bag will never go out of style. The Lv denim bag is nice but it's a fad to me.
  10. denim.... i don't like that chanel, i like chanel in general, but just not that one :p
  11. If I had to choose I would take the LV. I think it would be a great casual bag. Chanel is gorgeous, but I think it's much more elegant.
  12. I love both, but I would choose the Chanel because of the colour
  13. I prefer the Chanel.
  14. The Chanel! :heart: It is gorgeous. You don't see those very often and it is simply stunning. The LV is cute and fun, but the Chanel you can use forever and it will never go out of style.
  15. The Chanel is soooo sophisticated looking.