Please help me choose between these shoes for my wedding!

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Which shoes for my wedding?

  1. So Kate silver glitter

  2. Hyper Prive Nude patent (already own them)

  3. So Kate glacier glitter

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  1. Hi ladies, it's out of the So Kate silver glitter and the nude patent Hyper Prive. I purchased the Hyper Prive a couple of years ago but have never worn them and I prefer the pointed toe styles. I was going to sell them but then thought they would be good for my wedding. My friend thinks they don't look weddingy enough and I am inclined to agree. I purchased the So Kate in silver glitter but have some reservations. The glitter sheds easily and I will be making use of the garden at the back of my wedding venue so they could get ruined on the grass, although I was thinking of heel protectors as a possibility. There is already a small nick in the glitter on one of the toes. I was also a bit concerned about the glitter catching on and spoiling my dress as it's quite coarse. I was thinking also that the pointed closed toe style might be uncomfortable if it turns out to be a hot day (August wedding but unpredictable English weather!). I know it sounds like the are a lot of cons relating to the So Kate but it is such a beautiful shoe. I only have tomorrow to return them.

    I don't have my dress yet as the shop where I'd paid a deposit on my dress went into liquidation and I lost my deposit so I'm looking around for a new dress. Have been looking at preowned VW Gemmas.

    To throw a spanner in the works, I also saw the So Kate glitter in glacier but the dresses I've been looking at have been quite a creamy ivory and the glacier So Kate are white so I wasn't sure if they would match very well. Also, there would be the same issues as the silver glitter So Kate.
  2. I would say wear the So Kate (silver) for some wedding pictures, but switch over to HPs later when you're on the lawn or busy running around everywhere. HPs are more comfy and will last the entire day, plus people won't be able to tell what shoes you're wearing under a long dress.
    I haven't worn my So Kate out yet but I don't think they'd be doable for more than 2-3 hours of all standing. These are more like "sit only" shoes imo.
    Best of luck and congratsssssssssssss!!!! :woohoo:
  3. Many thanks. What you say makes sense but I can't afford to wear two pairs of Louboutins. I either return the So Kate and wear the HPs or sell the HPs (as they've never been worn) and keep the SKs. I've worn Pigalle 120s for 10 hours to a wedding once and was fine. Admittedly I did sit down a lot though but I think it helps having very narrow feet. I'm sure they will be more painful during my own wedding as I'll be on my feet more.

    What do you think of the SK glacier glitter? Too white if I get an ivory dress?
  4. I suggest the So Kate silver glitter...I have them and love them!
  5. +1
  6. #6 Feb 22, 2014
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2014
    I think it comes down to what you prioritize:
    One amazing fashionable night or practicality/everyday wear.

    Edit: ok I just deleted a bunch of stuff that I wrote on pros and cons of each.
    I think your heart is saying yes to the So Kate. So go for that :yes:
  7. If the SKs are giving you reservations, how about DIY strassing or glittering up your HPs to make them super-festive and wedding-y? That way, you could customise the shoe to the color of the dress you end up getting. I guess it depends on what you'd feel most comfortable wearing (both physically and emotionally) and standing in. Good luck!
  8. Yes you're right I do love the So Kate more!

    Just had another thought. Do you think the glitter will snag my dress and also will the glitter make the shoes cling to the dress making it hard to walk in? I'm looking at a tight fishtail dress so it will difficult to walk in anyway.
  9. Not to be a debbie-downer, but your dress will quite possibly get snagged through the course of the evening anyway, more from wedding guests accidentally stepping on your dress with THEIR stupid heels and from serious dancing. It's happened at the majority of weddings I've attended. However, I would guess that the glitter on the shoes is not course enough to do much damage or impede your walking.
  10. Yes, I'm sure you're right. I tried the shoes on with a long dress I have ( although not weddingy material, just a long jersey maxi dress ) and it did cling to my shoes. To be honest I'm thinking I need to get the dress first and then the shoes and then I can make a decision. I only got the Shoes now because I was wait listed for the SKs and I got the call.

    I don't know why they don't put a clear patent coating on the glitter like they do on the Louboutin glitter clutch bag. It would make them so much more wearable and hard-wearing.
  11. Hmm, that's a tough one, but I think you're right- dress first, shoes later, and then you can make a decision about what to do with them (I wonder if Minuit Moins in London would be able to do a clear coating on the shoes, like the clutch? Maybe not, but worth a shot if this is still an issue in the future. It's be cool if they could :thinking:). Good luck m'dear!
  12. Thanks. I returned the shoes and will get my dress first and then look for shoes.
  13. I vote silver. If you get glacier it would be hard to have the matching tone with the white of your dress (assuming it's white). Silver is a nice accent. =)
  14. I was going to say we need to see the dress first - unless you wanted to shop around the shoes. I've seen it done both ways.
  15. Yes it will snag on most materials, and it may result in tripping over/falling.

    What you can do is put in a non-snagging material or get PVC sewn onto the inside bottom of the dress to prevent this.