Please help me choose balenciaga color.many thanks

  1. Hi, everyone,
    I am new Belenciaga fun.
    and I am gonna buy my second Balenciaga.
    Now I am in between two colors, Truffle or Cafe

    help me choose one, thanks sooooo much guys:yes:

    Balenciaga Quilted Truffle Matelasse Bag and
    Balenciaga Quilted Cafe Matelasse Bag
  2. Help

    Which Colour Is Better ?

    I Can Not Decided

    Help Help Help

    Thanks Thanks
    t.jpg cafe.jpg
  3. yes she sells authentic bags. i would do truffle. I like the lighter browns
  4. I like truffle
  5. HGbags sells authentic.

    I vote CAFE!!!!
  6. Love hgbags! She sells authentic Balenciagas -- I've bought 2 from far! :nuts:

    As for which matelasse bag to get, I vote Cafe!
  7. Oh, that Cafe makes me hungry - the quilting makes it look like a big yummy chocolate bar! Although I think both are beautiful, I think the Truffle is a more versatile color.
  8. Thanks guys!! I'm gonna Holt Refenw today and get a real look, i will let you guys know which color I will go with later tonight.
  9. I will vote for Cafe...:smile:
  10. from these two :



    both are quite similar to me :p
    but i vote for truffle :yes:
  11. Love Cafe' in the matelasse! Cafe' is a very very dark rich brown IRL, gorgeous!
  12. Cafe
  13. I went to Holt's today and they do not have Cafe one, only Truffle with large size. never had medium size with those two colors. shoot!
  14. Aren't both of those the same color? They both look like mine. I have the brown medium but I don't even know what the color is actually called.