Please help me choose an LV for my mom

Jun 13, 2008
Hi Ladies! My Mom's going through a rough time health wise and I wanted to cheer her up. We saw a Perle Monogram Vernis on this lady yesterday while out getting her meds and my Mom had commented that she really liked the bag and would consider buying one for herself in a darker color.
I do not know enough about LV's to know what kind of bag it was. :crybaby: I looked on the LV & eLuxury website, and think I've narrowed it down to either a Reade or a Brentwood. :shrugs:
Mom prefers this particular "rectangular" shape and loves the shine of the Vernis. I am thinking of getting her one in Amarante.
Are the Reade & Brentwood the only options to this particular shape? (She doesn't like the "fan" shape of the Bellevue)
Opinions are appreciated if you can give me any other option besides these 2 to look into, or pro/con btw them.
Thanks in advance! :heart:


Apr 6, 2008
I think the reade would be way to small, it is a very small bag. The brentwood is really nice though, so is the houston, they both look great in amarante.


Sep 19, 2006
I have a Reade in Pomme and I love the color and size. The Reade is not an everyday bag tough. If you mom wants an everyday bag, you may also consider the Rosewood. The Brentwood is nice but it's a but too narrow for my liking. As for colors. I like Pomme and Amarante.

I suggest taking your mom to LV so she can pick the one she likes. Hope your mom feels 100% soon.
Jun 13, 2008
After looking through the forum, I realized that the price increase starts tomorrow! Ran to the nearest LV boutique at lunch and asked what the price difference would be on my Mom's bag. It's $100 difference! OMG!!! That's tax! hehe
I caved in and bought her the Brentwood in Amarante.
The Rosewood is just too small for her. I think the Brentwood is perfect. I was able to put everything in it. Will leave work early to surprise her when she gets home today. Also got her a matching zip wallet.
I love Amarante. What a beautiful color.
Maybe I should get myself one in Perle?? But I'm banned.....


Love it ALL
Jul 23, 2008
Oh she'll be so pleased!! That's so nice of you, if you can manage you should get a pic of her with them to post for us :yes:


Feb 24, 2008
west wales uk
you are so kind, i would cry if my darling girl done that, and as a mum, may i say perfect choice and perfert colour IMO. bless you alfie x