Please help me choose am everyday purse?! (I'm 22)

  1. Hey girls!! So I bought the bleecker signature zip hobo..but I am not happy with it!! It is a bit too small for me and slides of my shoulder like no tomorrow!!

    I am looking for something that I can use everyday (that is classy but not TOO dressy)....

    I'd like to use it for everyday, such as going to work and shopping/trips! So something a bit bigger that is not too heavy and stays on my shoulder!!

    I am open to sig and leather!

    I also don't mind if its a shoulder bag..or cross over (but not a hand held one)

  2. bleecker duffle or carly :smile:
  3. or perhaps, ergo hobo
  4. Okay so let's about a Gallery Tote??? Mine fits everything, and isn't heavy at all (I have a patchwork one) and it stays on the shoulder. I love this one:
    Or if you want it to be dressier, you could get one in leather, but I personally like this style better in sig. about an Ergo hobo in large? Everyone says how comfy they are! And very light weight.

    And there's always the ergo tote.

    And I LOVE the Sig. Stripe tote as well
    The only thing wrong w/ this bag is it doesn't zip. I dunno if that would bother you or not.

    Well, good luck!!! Let us know what you choose!
  5. Oh yes, the Carly is always a good choice. Some say it is heavier, but mine do not bother me. I'm in love w/ both, but I don't really pack them full though.
  6. CARLY, CARLY! I love that bag!
  7. one word CARLY
  8. I highly recommend carly as well, probably signature so that it is more lightweight. Otherwise the ergo hobo or ergo tote are good choices too because they're lighter but are good for everyday too!
  9. I agree with Carly or a Bleecker duffle.....
  10. Ohhh thank you so much everyone!1 You ladies are all so helpful!! xoxoxoxoxo

    I think I love the carly too!! I am just worried it will slip off my shoulder when shopping??
  11. My large stays on very well, but the medium I used to have would slide off all of the time.
  12. Ergo Hobo all the way!

    Super comfy. Awesome shoulder staying power. Super light weight. Holds tons of stuff! Very pretty! :biggrin:

    I've had the large and medium carly.. the large was way to big.. and the medium was hard to keep on my shoulders. :sad:

    Ergo Hobo > Medium Carly. IMHO. ^^;
  13. Ohhh Okay!! Thats strange that the medium slips and the large does not!!! :smile: It does not get too heavy does it?!


    I also think the duffles are nice especially the leather ones!

  14. Yessssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love that Red Tote! I love it, I love it, I love it! I want exchange my Hamptons for that one. Now I am reading your post I found the exactly word for the Hamptons and is "dressy"... This is why I don't like it. But this tote is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!! I love the red color! You know it is pink inside? I saw it in the store. Looks amazing!
  15. Oh really!!! Yeah I have the bleacker hobo and it slipped terribly! The ergos are cute eh. I like the brown one!!