Please help me choose a wallet!

Jan 1, 2008
Hi Dear TPF'ers!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas because I sure did :smile: I didn't get any LV since I did just get 2 for my birthday 2 weeks before, however, I got enough gift certificates to enable me to purchase another LV, yay!

So far, I have an Epi Brea in Rubis (MM), Mono Speedy 30, and DE Eva... so its now time for a wallet! Yay! I have finally convinced myself that I can spend the money on a wallet that I can use with all of my bags. Since I have now gotten over the "I can't believe a wallet costs so much...", I can then now start exploring my options!

I went to LV yesterday but was unable to make a decision... However, I know I didn't look at every wallet they have since they have ran out...and partly because it was so busy in there and the SA just kinda left me alone.

Anyway, here's my "wallet style"... I only have a very few cards in my wallet. As a matter of fact, I only need a max of 6 slots, if that. I also clean out my wallet often as I don't like keeping old receipts and what not. I also tend to keep gift cards and such in a different case as I don't use them much and like a clutter-free wallet. I am open to either a short or long wallet. It would be nice to have a compartment for change, though it's not necessary.

With the above being said, I know the following:
- Zippy is out. It has way too many slots, and I know will be bulkier than what I am looking for. Besides, I still can't get over that price point
- I LOVE the insolite but again way too many card slots (12 I think) and the snaps kinda worry me a bit. Can insolite owners weigh in on this?
- I actually like the Sarah wallet but did not see it in person. It looks like it could feel bulky though...
- Emilie might be an option...but just seems a little "thin"...or feels a little cheap? I don't know how to explain it.. and I feel like the color kinda removes from the classic look, as compared to just a regular mono wallet

Anyway, I hope YOU can help me pick one! Would appreciate all your feedback!

TIA :heart:


Jan 22, 2011
Katy Tx
Zippy coin purse. It's like the baby version of the zippy. I have it and I love it. I can actually fit it into the pocket of my shorts when I don't want to carry a bag !


Feb 14, 2010
I just got the compact Zippy wallet for X-mas from my children, I have the Suhali wallet it is great but sometimes too large, so this smaller one is fantastic, it can hold 6 cards and some cash. I think if you can go to the store and check them all out you will find the one that fits your life and style.


Jan 30, 2006
Another vote for the compact zippy wallet ... I have it and it is great. I usually prefer smaller SLG like the T&B Cles and ZCP and I find the compact is not too large to fit into some of my smaller bags.
Aug 18, 2010
i have the insolite and absolutely love it!

although if you aren't going to carry very much, the zippy coin purse is a great choice. with the zcp you will have to fold your bills though. it is deceptive since it holds a lot for its small size.