Please help me choose a wallet

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  1. Just bought a Monogram Canvas Galliera PM, I have been using and loving it for a month but now I need a wallet to go with the purse. I have a damier canvas koala coin wallet (measurement is about 3.9 x 2.9 x 0.9) which I purchased about 3 years ago, and a monogram canvas french purse (wallet) which I purchased about 15 years ago. I feel that the koala coin wallet is a bit small for my purse and the french purse is getting really, really used so I need a new wallet. So please help me choose, thanks a million.

    Here are the links:

  2. I like the first Mono Koala wallet
  3. I have the koala, def love the it
  4. I also vote for the Koala. Good luck w/ your decision :smile:
  5. i like the vernis koala
  6. Wow, you had the french purse for about 15 years? How cool is that! Hmm...yeah, it does sound like it needs to retire. Love how long you've been using it for though!! I think you should go with something fun like the Insolite wallet. It looks like it has sooo much more room than the *looks*, i've never seen it in person. But for me, i have the Monogram Koala wallet, i love it, but, i feel like it doesn't have enough room for me. Oh wells.