please help me choose a wallet =)

  1. i will be getting a wallet for xmas this year and i am being very indecisive right now. i am thinking of either the pochette wallet in monogram canvas or damier azur, the vernis pochette wallet (don't know which color yet) , maybe something in the multicolore line...i am open to anything really...

    I already have the european checkbook wallet in monogram canvas but i never use it because I need a wallet with better storage space, i.e. coin holder, compartments, 4+ credit card slots...

    these are the following bags that I have and I really wanan choose a wallet that would compliment my current collection:

    speedy 30 monogram
    speedy 25 cerises
    speedy 25 azur
    saleya pm azur
    blue denim cabby mm
    multicolore speedy 30 whitee
    viva cite mm
    popincourt haut
    black denim xl (on the way)

    what do you guys suggest?
  2. You've no Suhali piece, right? Why don't go with Suhali Silver/Gold Zippy ? ( it's my most fave item right now ) :p
  3. MC Koala
  4. I love the Mahina Amelia wallet in Gris!!
  5. pomme vernis pti or pochette wallet :smile:

    THe pommme looks yummy beside the denim, will really stand out against the azur and looks great with monogram :smile:
  6. I would go for vernis PTI. It's shiny and eye catching. But how about MC Alexandra? It really carries a lot.
  7. Zippy Wallet in Vernis :heart:
  8. Go for the mono zippy! I have it and love goes with everything!!
  9. White MC Alexandra
  10. Zippy in vernis pomme!
  11. Pomme Pochette Wallet in Vernis!! It's such a user friendly wallet and will look stunning coming out of every bag you own!!
  12. Mono French purse gets my vote. It's my favorite wallet of all time.
  13. I love my Zippy Organizer, it holds everything. And I also got the Zippy coin purse which is wonderful for grocery shopping or power shopping, LOL!
  14. thanks everyone for their replies...i am leaning towards something in the vernis line right now...but i guess i'll have to check out the store to see whats available...its xmas so im assuming a lot of things will be sold out...
  15. My thoughts exactly for all the same reasons. A bunch of mutual attractions and beautiful relationships just waiting to happen!