PLEASE help me choose a wallet to go with my new Damier Azur Speedy 30!

  1. Im sooooooo darned excited!!! Im getting my new damier azur speedy 30 the middle of next week.:yahoo: So of course now I have to have a new LV wallet to go with it:rolleyes: This is what I already have:
    White MC Porte Tresor:heart:
    Mono Koala:heart:
    Cerises long zippy:heart:

    What do you think would look really great with my new speedy? Any ideas?:idea:
    Pics would be great!!;)
  2. I prefer MC porte tresor:love:
  3. lol, I already have this one, Im lookin' for something new;)
  4. azur koala, azur french purse or a vernis perle or pomme d'amour pochette wallet
  5. zippy or Koala-Azur, Pomme d'Amour, or Rouge/Myrtile (if possible) Epi/
    I like pair Azur speedy w/red, just pops the color ;)
  6. Indigo vernis :smile:
  7. Indigo vernis would go perfectly with Azure..or get something from Azur like koala wallet..or something from Pomme d'amour.
  8. OOooooo! Im loving everyones ideas so much! I cant wait to get to LV to see all of your great choices!!
    Do you think an azur wallet would be too matchy??
  9. Perle vernis!!!
  10. Im really loving the Porte Tresor in red!! Thanks John 5!
  11. John~ u r setting the high bar for answering w/price and pix~ thanks!
  12. Indigo or Pomme vernis or the Azur Pochette Wallet get my votes :biggrin:
  13. I just ordered a Chanel Continental Classic. Looks similar to Swankys PNY long wallet. Sorry, that's what I'm in love with and all I can recommend. ~blush~ Smooth had one in off-white, maybe a beige one? Or dark brown?
  14. You're welcome!!! I hope you choose something hot to put your CC's and $ in!!!!