Please help me choose a trapeze....

  1. As you can see, they take up a 2 seater sofa at the moment, so I desperately need to downsize as I need that sofa to sit on!!

    Please help me choose among the Jungle, Terracotta, Burgundy, Royal Blue.

    I need to do this because I'm thinking of adding a grey stamped croc and beige tricolour (both from prefall'12) to my collection! :biggrin:

    After going round and round the trapeze, the Royal blue is still my favourite colour, just never used it because I wasn't sure if I'd be happy without the external pocket on the back, although now I'm just thinking maybe I'll grab stuff out through the wings - small sacrifice for the beauty of the bag!

  2. Umm I love my Blue Royal but if you are not going to use it then sell it. But if this 4 trapezes were mines. I will definitely keep the Royal Blue, the next one is very hard for me as i'm loving the jungle but the photo here is not convince me.
    It's so hard between the jungle and the burgundy it's next to next but the burgundy may be get my vote here. So my verdict is to keep the Royal Blue and the burgundy.
    Wish I could have seen the jungle IRL as it is the only color combo here that I have not seen it IRL .
  3. I was really looking forward to the jungle, so was slightly disappointed when it arrived yesterday. Not sure if it's because I expected the colours to be more vibrant, or if I had your khaki trapeze stuck in my mind! :p
  4. Keep the royal blue and Burgundy :smile:
  5. burgundy
  6. I think you should still be able to find the kahki if you really want it. I did not realise
    that the flap of the jungle is navy blue:cool: The flap on the khaki is the dark charcoal(gun metal) and the wing is not true burgundy it is a burgundy/brown. So this combo is really work very well with my wardrobe.
  7. I'd keep the burgundy, if it were me. I saw it in NM today - albeit the monochrome one - and boy, it's breathtaking in reality.

    I love the royal blue colour as well, but then the flap is suede, right? I somehow think the smooth polished leather flapped ones are streets ahead of the suede flapped ones, but that's just me.

    Now would that they release the royal blue in leather instead of suede....
  8. Oh please...may I have your collection??? Honestly, can't you just keep them all and find somewhere else to house them?

    Interesting what you said about the jungle trapeze! Are you totally disappointed? I was underwhelmed when I finally saw terracotta trapeze irl. I'm happy to remove some 'thing' from my trapeze wish's just too long :smile:

    For me, I'd be unhappy without the back zip pocket and I already do fish things out via the wings most of the time. If you can only keep two, maybe hang on to the burgundy and the royal if you adore her so much.
  9. you have all the dream colours!!! i'd keep the blue, burgundy AND terracotta :biggrin:
  10. Royal blue all the way!
  11. Thanks for the input! I never realised there was so much love for the burgundy on the forum!

    I don't mind the suede flap, just wish they had a pocket on the back....maybe its all in my mind but not having that feels slightly disruptive to my life :p
  12. Yeap, it's a pretty dark blue. The khaki combo is absolutely beautiful, I've been contemplating all day (and night!!) whether I should try to hunt it down (will probably have to pay a premium for it), or just be content with getting the beige tricolour trapeze and grey nubuck croc stamped one.
  13. Well, it wasn't disappointment in a bad way, but I was hoping for more vibrant colours, rather than dark neutrals. It's still an amazing combo though, a good substitute for those who missed out on the 1st season burgundy/black/brown trapeze. And I should have realised earlier but the body is similar colours to the burgundy trapeze.

    I still love the terracotta, but it's more a neutral bag than pop colours? and I could keep 4 trapezes, but as mentioned above, I'm already eyeing another 2 from prefall, which is why I need to 'get rid' of probably 2 current ones, especially since 2 of them are pretty similar colours.
  14. I would keep royal blue and burgundy as you are planning to get comparably light and neutral ones.
  15. Oh yes, that actaully didn't occur to me....
    But i really love my terracotta too.....this is going to be hard!