Please help me choose a scarf for a presents

  1. I'm looking for scarves as birthday presents for 3 girls aged 21 through 25 (sisters).

    I was thinking of the Swingtime in Saint Germain or the Jeu des Omnibus et dame Blanche. The sizes of these scarfs is 28"", does it limit in knotting, they are very slim girls, could you still use it as a top for instance?

    Do you maybe have any other suggestions? thanks in advance. H.
  2. Kloostie - I think you'd need a 27inch waist to top tie that scarf. But the Kelly caleche is very nice with the contrast hem (I just bought the black/white/red one).

    Have you considered twillys? Especially for the youngest one - there's some very cute brightly colored ones on at the moment.
  3. thanks Handybag: Oh their waist is like 24, 25 inches... amazing:smile:, though 2 of them are rather tall (5ft9) the third is tiny 5ft3). I could look into a twillie too, but I think a scarf can used in more different ways ?
  4. Do the girls wear scarves? I think a 90 cm scarf would be more suitable as a scarf top. Do they have any hobbies or special interests?
  5. Plisses may also be nice alternatives, if they are not used to big girl scarves.
  6. I know for certain they would just love to have a Hermes scarf. They have always commented nicely and I have hinted and they were always very excited.
    Sister1: still studying english graduate school she is tall, plays golf and lacrosse,
    Sister2: she is a counselor (also tall & the oldest), plays golf & loves cooking dancing
    Sister3: is a teacher and she is very sporty and spunky (she is the tiny one)

    All of them are very sporty and they all share the love for dancing, they are absolutely sweet girls.
  7. Yes! It great that they all would love H scarves! The fact that they all love dancing makes the swingtime scarf ideal. There is also La Danse which you may want to consider. Let me find a pic...
  8. Here is the La Danse

  9. Now, there is a scarf with a golf motif too which I'll find... and cooking....
  10. Oh, you are in good hands with our scarfologist HH. what a lovely present!
  11. Thank you Rose: I really like that one a lot. It's hard to give presents to sisters, should you give them the same? or different?
  12. I would go with different ones. There are some lovely designs on too.
  13. If they are going to wear them around the neck, the 70 cm ones will be great.
    Perhaps a Swingtime, a Kelly Caleche , and an Omnibus?
  14. I just looked up the Kelly Caleche and I like that one too. So Rose I think we made some choices:yahoo: now I only hope they are available in the stores;) Thanks rose for you big help. I'll let you know how things work out, I may need a back up scarf in case...

    for now
    Sister 1 Omnibus (or the golftheme scarf)
    Sister 2 either Kelly Caleche or La Danse (or cooking theme)
    Sister 3 Swingtime (that scarf is so her)
  15. what wonderful gifts! i like the idea of full size scarves because they can be worn as tops or even around their waists as a belt. the possibilities are endless and it's something they will have forever. another really cute young design that is quintessential hermes is the madame and monsieur. i think you may be able to find it in the black/white/pink colorway in some stores. it might be worth it to check. the colors are very cute and fresh and will go with so much.