Please help me choose a ring! :)

  1. I'm SO obsessed with buying a ring-- I want one so bad. It's the one accessory I do not have!

    I am only able to buy inexpensive right now, though. Under $100 is my limit, and I have done some relatively extensive searching.

    I fell in love with the Cartier trinity ring-- it's really interesting and pretty. I found a website that sells a range of these, though they are inspired of course given my limit. I can't decide what one to get though.

    Here's my top pick:

    And here's my second:

    And then this one but I don't know if I like it as much as the others:

    That last one looks more like it could be real gold-- are the other two too yellow to be mistaken as real?

    I like the one with the pink gold in it, and I know Cartier makes the trinity with it. I don't know a ton about Cartier though. But I would like something that at least exists. I don't know if the other one with the silver gold and diamond does opposed to the diamond gold and pink.

    What do you think? I can't make up my mind. I'm getting into the finer details though like which one might even be mistaken for Cartier, but I don't know how real these will look in person.

    Thanks for any help! I have seen so many beautiful pieces of jewelry in this part of the forum and I hope these ones I'm deciding between aren't terrible looking haha! They're just cheap little rings.. but I don't want something that's going to be crappy, just affordable for me right now. I hope that being in the $60 range is at least better than the rings I see that are like $10 a the mall, bleh.
  2. hmm well to be honest i'm not a fan of the ones you posted. i like this one better:

    but i guess that's not much help if you want one that looks like the cartier ring. in that case i would go with the last pic you posted. the gold looks less brassy.
  3. I prefer the last one.
  4. The last one is really cute.
  5. hmmm I don't know if I like the last one enough now that I found the other two, haha. It was the first one I found and I was so sure until I came across the other site.

    I'm looking for yellow gold, although I do like that other trinity ring posted which was all the white gold color. But I am looking for yellow gold. It's been tough finding a yellow gold one that looks nice though, and I like the Cartier trinity style. I'm still not sure.

    How's about between the top two? I'd love to order tonight and I made up my mind against the last one though as of now I think. I wasn't sure.

  6. I, too, like that one.
  7. Well, out of the top two, I like the first one. However, I don't see a lot of differences. I really like the one sputnik posted the best.
  8. Now I am actually gong back to the last one. After closer inspection I can see that the ring with the diamonds is more than likely the same one in all 3 styles. I was afraid the last one would be dull but it may all be the same ring just different lighting of course.

    I might get the last one. I have to really decide.

    I do love that one that sputnik posted but I wear gold. I would absolutely consider trying out a silver toned ring though but I would have to wait. Seeing if I do like wearing a trinity ring I may get that one at another time.
  9. I prefer the first one!
  10. Alrighty... I went ahead and tried to buy this one:

    and it wouldn't let me-- it said something like something didn't match my identity (i've never had a problem with buying online, and plus I triple checked... and even tried again!). I looked for an e-mail address on the site and found it in some category, and it's invalid.

    Should I try again, like maybe it was a glitch? I like the silver with gold and then the silver diamond. I tried looking for it but I cannot find this one ANYWHERE.

    If anyone knows of a place to try that may not be so well known to come up in early Google searches... I'd love to know. I fell hard for this ring-- I think I do like that extra silver and then the gold.
  11. I think I like the first...
  12. has anyone ever ordered from before?
  13. I just did tonight, I finally made up my mind on a ring!

    I found a coupon code too with a google search and got 10% with this code: WEBSQR

    I couldn't find the one I really wanted anywhere else... I searched online for a good hour. I finally decided on this one:
    I got 3 day shipping so hopefully I'll get it by Saturday. I'll post good pics of what I got.