Please, help me choose a red bag or suggest something elsewhere

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  1. Hi ladies and gents,

    I just had a baby boy 7 weeks ago and my hubby wants me to pick a gift. He didn't give me a budget, but I'm thinking around 3K. He told me to pick something timeless and memorable. I was thinking jewelry, but I'm not a jewelry person, rather purse or shoes. I've been looking for a red bag, so my options are

    1) Chanel lambskin mini ($3100, not available this season)
    2) Lady Dior lambskin medium ($3900, I believe)
    3) Gucci Disco Soho in pebbled leather ($900) + smth else like Chanel brooch?

    My requirements are:
    Small bag
    Could be worn crossbody

    My debate is whether I can use the first 2 with the baby as they're rather delicate, but both classic. I'm afraid they'll end up sitting in a closet for a while. The 3rd one will take the beat, but I'm not sure if I like it in 5 years.

    Thanks for reading my long post and I'm open to suggestions!!

    Here're the photos
    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1462776277.328814.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1462776291.908116.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1462776307.527048.jpg
  2. The Gucci Disco bag seems to be the best choice.
    It meets all your requirements.
    I don't have one myself but have seen it in IRL and it's gorgeous.
    Classic, both elegant and casual, is roomy, lightweight.
    I don't think you will get tired of it.
    Price is good too!
  3. 1 & 2 are definitely timeless but the LD Medium is not a crossbody bag imo. The Soho Disco is practical but honestly if it's a special gift from DH, I would go for the Chanel.
  4. I would say Chanel, but in caviar leather. That stuff can take any blow and will survive.
  5. The Lady Dior!!
  6. All gorgeous options!! Three of my favorite bags.

    Dior lamb is a little more "sturdy" than Chanel lamb so I want to offer that in case it's a consideration. I wanted the Lady Dior but I was put off by the fact that many say the opening is scratchy. The Gucci Soho is an amazingly useful and beautiful bag. I could see you using this regularly. But I agree that it's probably not a forever bag. And, I'm crazy about Chanel classic flaps! They are perfect.

    I would get the Chanel mini. The Chanel is a forever bag you will treasure - but maybe not use for a few years except for special occasions. Perhaps you can consider it in caviar and you can wear it pretty regularly! My second choice would be the Gucci.

    Whatever you get, please reveal.
  7. Thank you so much for your responses!

    I see Gucci being the best bang for the money. I don't want the bag that will just sit pretty :smile:

    Chanel is my favorite brand ️

    I'm thinking Chanel, if I can find that perfect red. It's always a challenge. My initial post was getting too long, I didn't mention that I have 2 Chanel bags m/l, jumbo and a woc. I want to try lambskin.

    I like that Lady Dior is so elegant :smile:

    I heard many people not liking LD opening, it might bother me with the baby.

    I have 3 Chanels in caviar, felt it was time to try out lambskin :smile: And of course, with Chanel I need patience to find the right mini.

    Gucci seems to be the most accessible and most practical at this point in life.

    I'll def do the reveal, thank you for your input!!
  8. Chanel. And in lambskin since it's a small bag.
  9. You might want to try the Lady Dior Mini instead of the medium. It has a magnetic flap closure, not zip, and it's meant to be a crossbody. I think capacity wise it should be the same as the mini Chanel.
  10. Chanel mini over Gucci. Lady Dior is ok but doesn't make heart sing
  11. You know what I've been doing with hard-to-find Chanel and LV? I call customer service and inquire if they knew of existing inventory per store. They usually can see it but if not, they will direct you to any store in the US that may have, say, that Chanel you are looking for :smile: Worked like a charm for my jumbo flap that got shipped to me to Napa from NY when the SF store had a looong waitlist 😉

    Anyway, I just acquired my 2nd red crossbody bag so maybe you might consider buying the same:


    Hermes Evelyne PM in casaque red. Online, only the GM size in tomato red is available. It is $3700++ But, like I said, the 1800 customer service may be able to help :smile:


    Chanel Classic WOC in dark red. $2100

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  12. Thanks for suggesting mini, I looked into it, the closure is much better, but for some reason I'm not a fan of proportions of the bag.

    Love Chanel :smile:

    Thanks for the tip to call customer service.
    Your new purchases are gorgeous I'm really liking that Hermes Evelyne. I don't have anything from Hermes yet :smile:
  13. Thank you for feedback everyone, I'm trying to find time to go to the mall to try the bags. Unfortunately, where I live we don't have Dior and Hermes, but I'll visit Chanel and Gucci and will do the reveal, as soon as I pick something.
  14. Hey everyone, sorry it took a while to post. So I picked Gucci Disco soho and I found brand new Chanel GST in navy blue wih SHW from past season. Very happy I got 2 bags! Thanks for all suggestions!!
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  15. Here's the photo of me trying disco in store

    Happened to be in patriotic colors, happy Memorial Day!!