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Which Pic should I pick?

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  1. Every year our local paper puts in a list if the babies born the year before.
    Which picture should I use of my son?
    THANKS for your help!

    maddox1.jpg maddox2.jpg
  2. That is really hard, they are all so cute!! I picked 4.
  3. Your son looks adorable in all of them, but I think number 4 is the cutest.
  4. He is sooooo cute!!!!!! I picked number 4.
  5. I picked #4...He's an angel!!!
  6. I like 1 & 4 but 1 seems too small..
  7. I'm sold immediately on #4. I'm a sucker for the ole' b & w though. But, you can still tell he has beautiful light eyes! Precious and love the name! (Do you ever call him Maddie (sp?)
  8. Definitely 4, it shows his character....adorable :love:
  9. They're all so cute, but if I had to choose it would be 4.
  10. 4 definately
  11. I picked 4 becase I think he looks super adorable there. He is sooooo cute though!!!
  12. We call him Mack sometimes because his older brother calls him 'Makik' or 'Maggots' depending on the day =)

    THANKS all - and thanks for the comments =)
    I like #4 too (I took it this morning) but I wanted the opinion of people who've never seen him before.
  13. #4! That smile is precious!
  14. #4 for me too! Ya son is such a darling!!
  15. 4! :smile: He's a cutie!!!