Please help me choose a new wallet.

  1. Please help me choose a wallet. Do any of you have either of these. What do you like/dislike about them. I am so torn between these 2. I do not have Coach anywhere around me so I cannot see them IRL. Thanks so much!

    #1 Chelsea Slim Envelope Wallet

    #2 Ergo Slim Envelope Wallet

    *Not my auctions* just barrowing pics for display.
  2. I like choice # 1!
  3. I vote for the chelsea, #1... that is beatutiful and classic.. they are both at the outlet right now so you should be able to get a descent deal. :yes:
  4. #1 for me too!
  5. I have looked at both and I agree with everyone else. I think the Chelsea would be a better wallet for your money and would last longer. The pebbled leather would hide any scuffs or scratches where the ergo leather would show it more easily. The Chelsea wallets are are really classic imo!
  6. I too like the Chelsea wallet the best. I just saw both of these wallets at the outlet last weekend.
  7. #1! I have two Chelsea Leather accessories and they're amazing.
  8. I vote #1 as well!
  9. Chelsea! Love the pebbled leather!
  10. Chelsea leather really holds up and looks fab.
  11. I prefer the second wallet. I like the contrast between the leather and the signature pattern. Makes the wallet a bit different from all the other black wallets out there.
  12. I love my pebbled leather like most in here and love #1 because of the front flap. If I were going to use this wallet in the summer though I would probably choose 2 because of the signature fabric/leather.
  13. I don't have either wallet, but I have to say I really like number 1. I like the pebbled leather!
  14. #1!!
  15. #1 hands down!