Please help me choose a new wallet.

  1. I came here because I knew you girls would understand. :tup:I am looking for a new coach wallet-at a resonable price. So lots of the newer styles are out of the question. I would just rather spend my money on a new bag, but I do need a nice wallet. Anyways, I am looking at the Coach Chelsea zip around wallet, Chelsea envelope style leather wallet, or Ergo Slim envelope wallet. do any of you have one of these? Which ones do you like and why?
    Here is what I usually carry...Cash, change, receipts, coupons, misc, store discount cards, cc, and 1 check. I do not carry a checkbook. Which wallet would hold this and not feel too full? I have not seen any of these IRL. There are no Coach stores for over 300 miles:crybaby: So girls. Please help a new girl out.
    TIA, Carla