Please help me choose a mini!

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  1. I need help! I love both but only can buy one, which one should I pick? I already have a red lambskin backpack but don't have anything in blue. But a red caviar mini is so irresistible! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1461727940.660688.jpg
  2. if the red is caviar id go caviar . red Is always in style I'm not so sure a vibrant blue is
  3. also a backpack is MUCH different than a mini.. much different uses
  4. Go for the red. It's beautiful.
  5. the blue... that color comes around less often than reds
  6. Im bias but I Love Blue! So striking to me!
  7. Omg buy both. Where do you find it? I would like to get either one please
  8. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1461730556.452078.jpg
  9. Definitely take the red, it's such a versatile piece. It's such a classic, you'll use it for years!
  10. Both are pretty....does one call to you....I prefer the red myself. :heart:
  11. Love ur black mini, I got a black lambskin one from last years collection, otherwise the black will definitely be on my radar��
  12. Both beautiful but the blue chevron this season is everything 💙💙💙
  13. Blue I just got the blue. :smile:))
    I love it to pieces.
    Beautiful rare shade of blue and in caviar... Cant beat that.
  14. I love, love, love the blue one. For me, I think blue is more beautiful with silver hardware.
  15. My vote is for red :smile: