Please help me choose a Diaper Bag...

  1. Hello! Tokidoki fanatics!

    I got my first Toki in December in the Paradiso print. Shortly after getting it I found out I was pregnant and have been waiting since then to get my next purchase--a diaper bag (baby is a boy). Since you're all experts I'd like you all to recommend the best print and style. Some thoughts: Aside from baby boy to be I have an 18 month old. Our stroller is a red Baby Jogger and like I said I have one bag in Paradiso.

    Thanks in advance for your help ladies.
  2. Ohh! Go with inferno if you can find it! It has lil babies on it too and it has lots of red! Perfect!
  3. Congratulations to you! I have a 10 month boy and I have 2 diaper bags in Paradiso and Spiagga. I also pre-ordered one in the Vacanze print. I guess I'm not much help to you am I because I love them all!

    You should choose one in the print that appeals to you the most. Right now I've seen the Spiagga, Pirata, Bianco, and Fuma prints in the stores so it isn't hard to get a hold of them.

    Good luck choosing one!
  4. congrats! I would say inferno too, but finding a cucciolo is hard on that print on top of that im not sure if you like the red devils?? Hmm..I would also say OP Andiamo (since they dont make cucciolo at the time) to match the stroller but that one is hard to find as well...

    Might as well find something that is still available? There is one paradiso cucciolo on eBay, but im not sure if its still there.. or you can get spiaggia the water scene would match it :biggrin:...ack all the print are nice :biggrin: but it depends ...are you trying to match your stroller or it doesnt matter??
  5. Haha, you guys aren't any help....I am going to end up with 5 different bags! LOL

    I just need something big enough, so I guess I am looking for more style advice than anything. Also, I am in Hawaii so there's not much selection for me to choose from. I do like the Spiaggia though..and Foresta.

    Thanks for all the advice so far!
  6. :lol: we are all enablers! :graucho: we want you to have 98374757203 bags :lol: j/k

    hmm since you mentioned style....campeggio and cucciolo are great as baby bags :biggrin:
  7. Hi there. I have a 3 year old girl, so I am using my L'amore Campeggio as a diaper bag... It's big so it's perfect for a purse or a diaper bag if you need it. I also got my Foresta Ciao Ciao this week and that bag is really big too and it would make a good diaper bag... I ordered the last Inferno Campeggio because I love the print and also thought it would make a great diaper bag for when I have a boy... Plus I think it's cool having a diaper bag with little baby devils on it..hehe...:devil::graucho:.... Other moms will either think I'm cool or satanic... hehe :whistle:...If you're stroller is red then I think the Inferno would look great on it.. Also Pirata would look good too... And they still have diaper bags in that print on

    PS- be careful if you're stroller is a one wheel jogger because those can tip over very easily...

  8. I heard the official Diaper Bags (Cucciolo?) are darn near impossible to find now...But yeah, I think Macy's or Nordstrom still carry then...anyway, I'd go with Inferno, because it's dark, so won't get dirty easily, and would match your Paradiso! But my favorite print is Amore :heart: , but I wouldn't recommend that, because it's white and gets dirty too easily. ;~;
  9. i don't have kids yet, but if i had a girl i'd prolly go with citta rosa or l'amore campeggio/cucciolo. if i had a boy i'd prolly go with inferno campeggio/cucciolo.
  10. I'm currently obsessed with a Paradisio cucciolo but everyone tells me that my boyfriend won't want to carry it! I tell them he can get his own diaper bag then!

    I find out tomorrow if I'm having a boy or a girl. The Paradisio is so hard to find for a reasonable price. I am thinking about getting one in the Transporto though. I'm due 11/30 so it should be available by then I hope!

    I thnk the Adios Star print would be good but it's so white! Will the Famiglia print be out by then? I think that would make a cute diaper bag.

    Good luck in your search and during your pregnancy!!