Please help me choose a damier handbag....

  1. Although I'm on a self-imposed ban, I cant stop day dreaming about my next LV purchase. I want to get a bag in damier, since I already have mono and azure. I really love the trevi pm, but I would have to save up longer to get that compared to if I get the papillon 30 say.

    I like the style of the trevi, but the papillon is also cute and iconic, and cheaper. My budget cannot exceed the price of trevi. Don't want the hampstead because I personally don't like the stiff bottom. Already have two speedies. Don't think I want the neverful which i think is more casual. Alma I think is too 'mature' if I may say so. I want something that I can dress up or down.

    What do you think of these two bags? Which one would you choose and why? Which one will still look good in 10 years say? :shrugs:

    your thoughts and opinions are highly appreciated! TIA.:flowers:
  2. ~I like Trevi but I love my Hampstead:tup:. Initially, I was a bit leery of the stiff bottom as well. Once I tried the MM sz IRL, OMGosh....I LOVEEE it!! It has so much room. Personally, I think you should go to LV store to try out several bags and take home the one you love the most. Keep in mind that the straps on the Hampstead are really stiff at first but soften up after you use it on a regular basis. Good luck in your search!~
  3. between trevi & papillon i prefer papillon :biggrin:
  4. Papillion is cute but to chose a bag which will last for years, I would chose Hampstead or Trevi. Good luck with your search
  5. I think trevi is better and in PM is a good bag for every occasion!
    good luck choosing!
  6. Trevi PM! I have one and absolutely love it! This bag will be a classic!
  7. I have a papillon and love it, but I am desperate for a trevi! I would pick a trevi PM anyday, but that's just me : )
  8. If you're on a ban, why not wait for the damier neverfull ? It's a great price point, plus you'll have time to save up for it since it won't be out for a little.
  9. Not sure what the Trevi costs... But the Belem is fun and functional... The PM is $1240....

  10. If you really want Trevi, you should get Trevi. If you buy other model, later you will want to get Trevi again and then you will have to safe up even more money. Get the bag that you want :smile:
  11. I agree... save up for the Trevi! I love mine!!
  12. I love trevi pm, how about neverfull in damier? They are going to release it this year.
  13. I just love the shape of the trevi!
  14. One more vote for the Trevi PM. :tup:
  15. Trevi pm hands down