Please help me choose a color!

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Aubergine or bottle green Nightingale?

  1. Aubergine

  2. Bottle green

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  1. .....for a medium Nightingale!

    Aubergine OR bottle green??? They both are gorgeous, and I really cannot decide. Can you ladies and gents help me out?
  2. Both are gorgeous, but I find the aubergine more interesting and just as classic.
  3. I would pick the green..

  4. Now I'm looking at the dark brown! I need help..... ;)
  5. I love the bottle green, it's so hard deciding between them though!
    My sister's advice is to flip a coin, and while the coin is in the air you'll realise what you want the answer to be.
    Good luck deciding :smile:
  6. Thanks!
    I've been looking at pics online of the aubergine, and I'm thinking it may be TOO purple for me. Initially I loved the pics of the bottle green, but my concern with that one is fear of it looking like a faded black, kwim? I'm leaning more toward the dark brown I think....
  7. The aubergine has a brown undertone. Personally I would choose bottle green as it is a fabulous neutral but colour choice is so personal. Look at your wadrobe, look at what colours you would wear and then choose the one that would sing to you most. Can't go wrong with any of those colours!
  8. I don't think it will look like a faded black, I totally understand your concern though, but if you look at Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's bottle green antigona there is no mistaking it for a faded-black. I think the colour is gorgeous and still works as a neutral but is also a bit different if you know what I mean.

    Minka Kelly & Khloe Kardashian both have brown nightingales and theirs are both lovely and look very classic. I'm not sure if you'd want a darker brown than theirs but maybe they're worth a look if you were after ideas of how it would look.
  9. I'd go for bottle green x
  10. I ended up ordering the dark brown, which is crazy since it wasn't even in my choice list.....It should arrive tomorrow!

    I started thinking about what I have as far as bags go....I have a large Chloe Marcie in red/plum and the color looks similar to the aubergine, so I decided to pass on aubergine. I have a Bal Velo in poker fonce, which is like a dark forest green (and I realized I have a couple of RMs that are the same color), so I decided with dark brown--classic and timeless!
  11. Congrats!!! Please post pictures when you receive her!
  12. Really need some opinions! I am in LOVE with this medium panda, washed leather, in natural but I'm so worried about colour transfers or that it'll just look dirty after a while. I'm after a 'neutral' colour so I was considering the charcoal colour as well. Does anyone have a light coloured panda in washed leather and how has it fared over time? Thank you! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1391774809.230742.jpg