Please help me choose a color for a nano belt bag!

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  1. I bought a nano belt bag in the antique rose color but i’m debating if I should exchange it to the light taupe color. I originally wanted the light taupe color for the micro size but after trying it on, I’ve decided the nano works better for my petite frame and it’s also so much lighter in weight. However I’m having a second thought since I won’t be purchasing the same bag in another color I’m not sure if I should go for a more neutral color. Please let me know what you think. TIA Adjustments.JPG Adjustments.JPG
  2. I like the rose!
  3. The antique rose is actually a good neutral too. It may not be the conventional ‘neutral’ but that’s where styling comes in
  4. I think it really depends on your wardrobe and the colours you tend to wear more often. The pink is obviously much more feminine, whereas the taupe is a true neutral. However, if the subtle wash of colour from the bag is something you feel would compliment your style, go for it!
  5. I think the antique rose is a gorgeous nuetral colour. It will go with so many colours and outfits. I think you should keep it. :smile:
  6. If you have more neutral outfits I think the vintage rose would work better for you.
  7. Even though the antique rose is beautiful, my vote is for taupe. I have two neutral pink Chloe bags which I love, but even though they are versatile shades I just don’t want to wear pink all the time. My nano belt is light grey and I love it. I can wear it all year round. I love the taupe also and feel that it is just as versatile and beautiful as my light grey.

    good luck in your decision!