Please Help Me Choose A Chloe! I can't do it alone:-(

  1. I need desperate help! I've been looking online at Diabro constantly. I can not choose a color for a baby paddy. I need to have one! And I"m about to order three:confused1:. But of course I can't. Here are my choices and pictures of them.

    1. Canelle
    2. Dark Brown
    3. Muscade

    Please help! Need you Chloe girls input.
    Thanks bunches!
    darkbrown.jpg cannelle.jpg muscade.jpg
  2. I vote for Muscade.
  3. muscade- gorgeous colour!
  4. Muscade- it's amazing IRL!
  5. Muscade...with dark brown being a VERY close second, maybe you should get two! :graucho:
  6. Muscade:love:
  7. I like this color, it reminds me of Tan. =)
  8. Muscade!
  9. I say Canelle! I love Muscade, but it's so popular!
  10. Paddy leather in muscade is scrumptious so that gets my vote!:heart:
  11. Muscade! Or Canelle since summer is on its way ;)
  12. Muscade or dark brown~
  13. muscade...:yes:
  14. I've been eyeing off the mini in Muscade too so that's my pick for you. ;)

    But I think I'd rather get Muscade in a medium size, so I'd rather get a mini in a different color. :shrugs:
  15. Muscade gets my vote!