Please help me choose a bag!

  1. Hi fellow purse lovers!
    I am trying to pick a new everyday bag, something classic, that I can use year round.
    I currently carry a Piero Guidi Magic Circus tote. I love it, but I've had it for a year and I'm wanting something different.
    I want something nice, but not too dressy, not too casual.
    I'm 32, married, no kids, and a nanny.
    Something that will fit my lifestyle.
    Any suggestions?
  2. Hello :smile: What do you think of Tano bags? Delicious new colours will be available soon.

    Tano Handbags
  3. For any everyday bag - I like the Louis Vuitton Speedy.
  4. Wow! I have never heard of Tano bags before, but I LOVE the website. I especially like the "Romantic" design in yellow for spring '07. Thanks for introducing me to these!!!!!
  5. There are several threads on Tano bags - quality leather, reasonable prices, recommended by other posters :smile: