Please help me choose a bag ....

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  1. I don't have pictures for all of these but I need help choosing a bag. In about three months I will have 1300.00 to spend on a bag. I've NEVER had a bag this expensive and I want some opinions on what to get. I only have a few handbags but being on this list has made me want SO many more!

    I really would like a Balenciaga (I think the City ... is that the one you usually see Nicole Ritchie carrying? I am petite like her) but I also have a few others I REALLY like. One of my concerns for the Balenciaga is that I really like the leather it came in from previous years ..... I don't like the ones that are EXTREMELY distressed.

    One of the others I really like is the Dior Gaucho. I like the colors it is available in now though and they will probably be different in three months, won't they? I think I like the medium but I will have to travel to try to see one in person - the closest Dior store is two hours from me - I've never been there. Isn't the medium in the 1300 range?

    My third option would be a Louis Vuitton but I have not narrowed down which one yet. I've never owned one but I'm guessing I would want the traditional monogram or the denim. I've seen some I LOVE on the boards but they are from previous seasons and not available. I also like the Onatah but I like the one with the fllowers in brown and I believe it is out of my price range. I keep checking eLuxury but have not seen it on there.

    Any opinions? What would you get?
  2. The bags you are considering are all kind of different. I guess I'd suggest that you try as many different bags on as possible, before firmly making up your mind. The Gaucho, for example, is more of a trendy choice and it is more casual. The Louis Vuitton is more of a classic, 'forever' kind of choice, and there are many different styles that you might consider. The Balenciaga is less formal than a Louis Vuitton, and, once again, you will have some choices to make re: size and style.

    Hmm. If it was up to me, I guess I would think about my life styles, my preferences. I'd try these bags on. And I'd see which one fit best with me, and which one I really fell in love with (once you see them in real life, you will love certain bags more than others)

    Hope this is somewhat helpful!
  3. melisande,

    Thanks for your reply. My biggest problem is not living in an area where I can go see and try bags on. All of my bags ( I only have a few) have been mail order. I like the Dior Gaucho and I guess I figure it is a bag that if I don't get now I may not be able to get it. As far as what kind of bag I need my lifestyle is mostly casual wear as I am a stay at home mom. I'm leaning towards a Balenicaga becasue a lot of the bags I've bought recently are bigger hobo types and are HEAVY (even before my stuff is in them!) and I've heard people rave about how light Balenciaga bags are. In thinking about it, there will always be an LV that I like and can get later. I'll probably be able to splurge like this once a year. :biggrin: I have a couple of months to decide I just wanted input.
  4. I'd recommend the Balenciaga. I think the Dior might be very hard to get :S
  5. I personally like the Dior best!
  6. I have a medium gaucho and several Balenciags. Although I use my gaucho quite often I get the most use out of my Balenciagas. Like you said they are feather light. They come in great colors and styles. The City, Purse, or Twiggy are good choices for an everyday bag. They also have hobo style bags if you prefer that kind of bag. Let us know what you decide.
  7. I am an "advocate" for b-bags or LV in this case.
  8. I think the City is the one I like. Thanks for all the opinions! I will be sure to post what I get - with pictures!
  9. I think so too. Although there may be one in our marketplace when I am ready to buy.
  10. If it's not possible to try a lot of things on, definitely reading threads and opinions in this forum (and viewing the pictures here) is a great help.
    I hope you are able to find something that really fits with you -- it sounds as though you are already attracted to the Balenciaga? I've heard people say that the Gaucho is actually extremely useful when it comes to toting around a large amount of kid's stuff.
    Good luck!
  11. GEt an Ink City or an LV.
  12. Is does look like it holds a decent amount of stuff - and I think the threads I've read of people who have bought one have said the same thing. I really like the pocket on the outside. I wonder if it would hold a Treo?

    I won't be able to make my purchase for two more months so I have time to decide. :biggrin:
  13. I need to go back and look at the ink City - everyone raves about that color and I want to see what it looks like again .....

    As for an LV - that will be a hard decision .... I need to go read the LV sub forum and get educated. :biggrin:

    As melisande said - being able to see the bags on the forum and read people's opinions is invaluable when you can't see them IRL.