Please help me choose a bag

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  1. I am looking for a new everyday casual cross body bag that is understated and simple. I have black bayswater but find it too heavy and uncomfortable so am looking for something smaller. I can't afford to get designer bags very often so am looking for something that would still look good in 5 years. What would you recommend? I was thinking about small Alexa in burgundy (not sure if it would last) and also small Poly push lock in midnight (not sure if it is casual enough for everyday and if it is going to go out of fashion soon) Any suggestions other than Mulberry also welcome. Thanks for you help in advance!
  2. How about the new Small Heritage Baswater Satchel? It has a classic shape and looks like a nice size. I think there are also two new Alexa-type bags, Fox Lock and Buckle, maybe one of those would be the one...
  3. For a non-Mulberry suggestion, how about the Balenciaga Folk? Lightweight, understated, simple... but FAB! (Lots of pics on the Bal forum)
  4. Small stylish cross body bag? SBS all the way.
  5. Just to warn you, the polly is stupidly heavy! I have the medium midnight one and with not a lot in her she weighs me down!
  6. I don't find my regular alexa bags heavy, why not save some money and buy a black regular alexa from the outlet, it's cheaper than a small bayswater satchel but carries about the same, although I must admit I like the look of the SBS and own one I still struggle with the fact to me it's a Ledbury with a very expensive strap!
  7. Thanks for all the ideas! Sorry but what is SBS?
  8. I would say if it is Mulberry you want then Black small bayswater satchel or if not Black Alexa.

    If not Mulberry got for Balenciaga Folk they are to die for!
  9. I'd maybe try the SBS, I love my Alexa but I'm honestly not sure how well it will last...
  10. I think the Alexa will be very dated in a few years, not a wise investment I'm guessing. I love the SBS and it is very versatile. I think that would be my recommendation.
  11. It's a very different style, but I loved the Bonnie messenger from a couple of years ago. Might be able to find one pre-loved.
  12. I agree about the SBS. I was lucky enough to get an oak SBS for my birthday. Perfect everyday size and so classic it will never date. It goes with everything and will take you to all occasions.
  13. Cross body bag? Antony?
  14. Thanks so much - I will go to look at SBS and 'Alexa type' bags, Antony,Bonnie and also Balanciaga folk too - thanks for your help!