Please help me choose a bag!

  1. I am kind of struggling with choosing one of these bags. I want it to be a functional and stylish everyday bag---carrying books, cell phone and other small stuffs.

    The first one is from Bing Bang, which originally starts as a jewelry line. I like its messenger style and the chain detail on the adjustable strap. It is now $330, 50% off its origianl price. What bothers me is that it does not have a top handle and look very roomy enough to hold books on the picture, though it states 13"H x 17"L.

    The second one is Marc by MJ totally turn lock Teri. $428 I saw it was once carried by Kirsten Dunst and then instantly fell in love with it.:sweatdrop: It has three compartments, so looks like very roomy and easy to organize.

    The third one is MBMJ Softy Faridah Pocket Hobo. $398. I love its whole look but not sure about the color.

    I think the best price I can get the two MBMJ bags is when it is 30% off, which is not as good as the first one as far as the price. Please give me advice which one I should choose. Thank you.:heart:
    bingbang 660 bop.jpg bing bang  450-750 barneys.jpg like1to6.jpg mbmj 398 neiman.jpg
  2. I like the style of the 3rd bag the best. Although you have to like the color as well as the style. It would be a good color for Spring.
  3. I really like the first one :smile: 17" x 13" is a good size bag.
  4. I like the Teri! I've looked at it a few times for myself!!!
  5. I like the 3rd bag, very stylish, the color stands out but is wearable and the roomy compartments are a must have! This seems like a no brainer to me :smile:
  6. The third one stands out for me ... like the design and the color, something fun!
  7. I like the Teri. If you're gonna put a lot in it, the flat strap looks more comfortable than the Faridah's rolled one.
  8. I had to get my DD in on this one hahaha (she has a much better feel on style when carrying books!!!)

    She says the 3rd bag for sure!
  9. I vote for the third!!! Even the color would look great now....adding a splash to those dreary winter days.
  10. 3rd bag.
  11. 2nd.. you'll get the most use out of it... people that have the Teri swear by it.
  12. The Faridah is GORGEOUS. I love the shape.
  13. Third one. Chain straps can be a tad too heavy and uncomfortable.
  14. I would go for the Teri - I have it myself and love that its so practical yet still nice looking. The many compartments are very usefull and eliminate the problem of rummaging around not being able to find your things. The leather on mine is so soft an smooshy.
    I would recommend this bag any day :tup:
  15. i like this one