Please help me choose 2 leather bags!

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  1. Hi friends! I am now almost done with my canvas collection (just need to add Azur Speedy B 25 + pochette next spring) and next I am focusing on leather pieces.

    I currently own an Empreinte Montaigne MM in Taupe, which I adore and I just want to add 1 more work bag and 1 weekend bag (must be cross-body option and preferably to double as an evening bag), both in leather. I want them to be of some lovely colour, preferably pinkish. Should it be Pasadena in Magenta Vernis and Alma PM in Hot Pink Epi? Or something else? I would love to hear your ideas!
  2. What about the Capucines for the weekend/evening bag? It is so beautiful and a softer look than Alma Epi...
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  3. Alma BB in epi for weekend bag? I've been eyeing the noir as I feel can wear this day to night and rain or shine
  4. That sounds lovely, and I must take another look at them, but I fear the Capucines may be out of my price range :sad:.
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  5. YES! That is another option that I am considering - I have tried the Alma BB in Hot Pink Epi several times and it looks fun, classy and practical! But then the work bag needs to be probably Empreinte, since I don't want two Epi bags and I only like Vernis in smaller pieces....hmm...
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  6. alma bb in hot pink epi is really pretty
    or alma bb in vernis

    for epi: twist or cluny

    can you use your montaigne mm (twins here! i have the dune too!) as a work bag and use the rest of the budget to get the twist?

    these are the styles that i like and would go for:smile:
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  7. Big dilemma LuxMommy!!! You've listed some great pieces!! I love the Pasadena, but since the ends are a little caved in I think you loose some space, but I love the turn lock. Also, didn't you have some trouble with your Indian Rose vernis wallet getting some black spots on the vernis? I almost bought the new vernis hot pink zippy wallet and the SA just kinda kept steering me towards the epi. He kept saying due to color transfer, and I asked about the black dots. He just kinda nodded. Have you looked at the LockMe II BB in maybe the Poppy? It's bright and gorgeous IRL and has that turnlock also. I also like some of the other ideas of the Twist or Cluny. The Cluny in hot pink is really fun!! Also, the Soufflot MM in epi could be a really nice size work bag. Love the outside pockets on it. It is structured. Love my Alma BB in fuchsia, so you can't go wrong there either. I'm no help. I love them all!!
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  8. +1!
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  9. Thanks for the great suggestions, those are some gorgeous bags! The twist is my secret daydream, LOL, but what is up with that price tag... definitely one to consider!
  10. Hi love2learn! I also love the turnlock on the Pasadena and you are so correct, my RI pieces (except for my cosmetics pouch, which is weird) got those black spots and I am still living with them...In the past I have had darker Vernis pieces with no issues and I was thinking that perhaps the Magenta colour is a little darker and less prone to this issue.... The LockMe II BB is gorgeous!!!! I have never seen it IRL and I must definitely ask my SA to show it to me, going on my list now! Yes, the Soufflot MM in Fuchsia is also one option for the work bag, I have tried it on once and I liked it a lot, much more than I thought I would based on pictures. The list is getting longer, LOL, but since I am investing in these pieces for a long time, I want to explore all the options. Thanks so much for you input!
  11. Ooops, I pictured your RI pieces in my head and forgot you were asking about the magenta color:amuse: and not the new hot pink! I have the clemence wallet in magenta and got it for the same reason you mentioned above. Love the magenta color! I still think you should look at the LockMe II BB though and maybe compare it with the Pasadena. They're both gorgeous bags. We just got back from vacation and at the top of my list was the Soufflot in Indigo, but of course the two LV's on the island didn't have it or several other items on my list. I did get a few things though that I'm very happy with instead. Can't wait to see what you decide on.
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  12. Oh my gosh, thanks so much for this piece of information! I'm so happy to hear that the Magenta is working out for you! I am also contemplating getting the Magenta clemence, because the RI Sarah is proving too bulky for me and I adore my Mono/Rose Ballerine Clemence. Your vacation shopping sounds lovely, congrats on your new items! I will definitely do a reveal once I've made up my mind :smile:.