please help me chooose

  1. ok- so i have these 2 options..

    a cafe work with gold hardeware


    a new blue (brght blue? dont know name) work with normal hardeware

    Which would you choose?

    i only have a pewter day and an ink work...

    LMK your thoughts...

  2. Is the pic below the blue you're referring too? Then if it is then it's the French Blue. I own a work size and I love it! So my vote French Blue.

  3. ^ YUP THATS THE ONE!!! ITS SOOO AMAZINGLY HOT!! they have the french bluye and the new red.. which is also hot. but im getting another bright red bag so dont thik i should have too many of same color
  4. neither.

    a blue with gold hardware :roflmfao:
  5. I vote blue! They will probably make cafe again next year the way their colors are going...=p
  6. I vote for cafe work with gold hardeware.
  7. Cafe!
  8. French Blue is TDF...!
  9. french blue is so beautiful but i would go for the cafe since you already have an ink which is from the blue family... i think a brown colored bag would be nice
  10. :drool: that french blue is HOT!!! totally go for the french blue!
  11. ahhh ok so blue is in the lead... ive asked them to send me a list of everything else they have..

    but i have to admit i loved the blue when i saw it...

    but i really think the GH looks GREAT with cafe
  12. ok been told have these options too.... in the brief giant.. and the day
    with or without GH ( sorry dont know proper color names)

    black, cafe, brown, blue, nevy blue, red, white, grass green and mint green colors
  13. I would go with the blue as well. :yes:
  14. Another vote for Blue
  15. Oooh. Tough choice!

    But since both your other bags are quite neutral, I would go with the French Blue for that pop of colour. :yes: