Please help me choooooooooooooooooose!!

  1. I'm being selfish and starting a new thread, sorry! :P

    I'm going to buy my second Bbag soon and I can't decide what I want! I already have a Bordeux 2005 Messenger so here are my options..

    Twiggy, City or Work in:
    - Rose 2006
    -Turquoise 2005
    - White
    - Lilac 2006
    - Cornflower

    What do you guys think I should get? Right now there's a Rose Work on hold for me at the shop but since it's huge (I'm 5'4") it might overwhelm me?? I'd much prefer either the Twiggy or City. Which do would you guys choose? Or if you already have those (lucky you!) which ones did you choose? I'm so confused!!

    Thanks so much!
  2. 2005 turquoise city!!!!;) :love:
  3. Turquoise City!! The color is TDF and the City is a great size for everyday...
  4. Turquoise city if you can find it! Second choice would have to be cornflower!
  5. If you could have your hands on 05 turquoise, GET IT!!!!!! Especially in the city size, even if you dont wanna keep it, resell value is very high since soooo many people wants it! Otherwise I'd pick cornflower hands down :smile: Gorgeous color, very versatile!

    About the size, if you're contemplating the work at all I think you should drop by to the store and try it on. Personally I prefer the city size and I might be wrong but I think rose are relatively new & still around so you'd be able to get it later if you want. Good luck!
  6. If you can wait, turquoise city. If you would like a really great bag now, I say cornflower Twiggy. Its so pretty.
  7. Thanks so much for the feedback! I luv you all!!

    I'm thinking the Rose Work will be too big (plus no shoulder strap) and the colour might be a little....dangerous around me. :shame: I even bought my MC LV in black because I was afraid I'd get it dirty!!

    So I guess the verdict is 2005 Turquoise City (My Mum saw one in Hong Kong selling for US$1600 so I'm not sure if that's worth it??) or Twiggy, or Cornflower in City or Twiggy.

    Wait, does the turquoise even come in Twiggy? I don't think I've seen one before...

    Either way, THANKS SO MUCH!! You guys are the best!
  8. Turquoise:love::love::love: then cornflower!

    I have no idea if Twiggy came in that color?
  9. tolietduck- how do you like your messenger and what do you usually carry in it? I'm contemplating one for law school next year.

    I love the turquoise! One went last week on ebay so I'd keep my eyes out! Good luck!
  10. I'd say turquoise too :love:
    I think a PF member has one listed on ebay right now. Hope you find one!
  11. Turquoise 2005 - get this one!!!!!!!
  12. Thanks! I'm watching that like a hawk right now! :P

    lacibraz- I haven't used it very much but when I did, I put in quite a bit of stuff :lol: Let's see...the typical wallet, cellphone, keys, makeup, sunglasses etc. and since I was using the bag as a travel bag for my trip to China this past Christmas, I stuffed in a pashmina shawl too. It's a very roomy bag which would be great for a book or two. I'd be more concerened with the weight of the stuff your putting in rather than the size since the leather is soooo soft and light. When I bought it, I had no idea that it was from the Men's line....but no one seemed to care anyway. At least I didn't! I love it but I'm still longing for the Classic/Twiggy.

    Thanks again for all your responses!! I will def. keep my eye on that Turquoise City. Do you guys think it's going at a fair price??
  13. I have a cornflower City that I love. I also have two Twiggys .... one is white, one is rouge. I love them too. THey are both great style bags. I say if you can get your hands on a turquoise anything get it. That color is gorgeous!
  14. Oohhhh!!! Get the turquoise!!! But I also like the cornflower!!!