Please help me buy a safe

  1. I finally feel the need for a serious safe. My mother has been giving me a lot of her jewelry, and I have an increasing number of legal papers to keep track of.

    I'll be putting it in a part of my basement that guests will never visit, and bolting it to a concrete base that I'll have poured. The thing is, I don't know whether to buy a used safe or a new safe.

    Both are equally fireproof with similarly safe locks. And installation costs are the same for both. The used one is UGLY - tan and brown, and dates from the 1970s. It costs $350 and is spacious, with over 2.5 cubic feet of space and a single removable shelf. The new one is matte grey, and rather sleek, with just under 2.0 cubic feet of space and several adjustable shelves. It costs $750 - or $400 more.

    It's probably logical to get the used safe, but it's just so UGLY. The newer safe is snazzy, but maybe not as large as I'd like. Please help enable me one way or the other!
  2. I'd go for security and storage space over looks--especially since it's just a safe :smile:
  3. first of all contact your insurance and ask what security standarts they require from they save so that they will accept it in order to cover the whole amount of valuables. the chicest save is worth nothing when it does not meet the insurer obligations :flowers:
  4. If it's the looks of the old safe that bother you, why not spend some money to have it repainted? If you have folks in town that can do metal restoration, you could have them strip the paint off and polish it, which is what we did with our own used safe. But lilach is right; make sure your insurer will approve first!
  5. Oh, good suggestion! I never even considered repainting it. I'll look into this, and I'll check with my insurer too. I hadn't thought about that either. Thanks lilach and evoque.
  6. Coco-nut, if only I had enough jewelry to need a safe! Good luck with your purchase! I never even thought of having a safe cemented down... yikes! Good luck to the thieves!
  7. Wait until you're forty, IntlSet! You'll probably have quite a bit of loot by then!
  8. My cost more then my life itself jewelry is under key at the bank. my smaller diamond/gemstone and gold I keep in smaller scale jewelry boxes, not trinket sized, a little bigger. I have a smaller safe that unused I keep under my bed so when I am gone, say overnight or on vacation and dont have time to go the bank I stash it box and all in the safe and then store it somewhere else for safety.