Please help me buy a computer!

  1. I need a new computer after my desktop and laptop both broke within a month of each other! :shrugs: I've been trying to buy one, but I'm just freaked out by all the choices. I think I would like a desktop and I'm used to windows so a PC.

    I need a wireless internet connection (LOL, can you guess that). I'm not a gamer, but my fiance would like a system that plays Civlization, I think most would, not sure if I need a fancier 'gaming' system for that one game. I do love playing my MP3 collection, its big, so I was thinking of getting an external hardrive as well (somewhere to transfer all that info from my broken laptop and desktop :crybaby:). And some nice speakers.

    Ok sorry to ramble but anyone buy a system they really love lately? How about these TV/pc hookup things where you can record TV shows and then burn them on a DVD? Is that as good as TIVO? Do you need a subscription?

    I've been looking at Dell and Sony, but I'm open to other brands.

    I'm soooo computer hopeless....HELP!!! :flowers:
  2. What's your budget? :smile:
  3. I cannot say enough good about Apple's computers. Before I got my first Apple, all I knew was microsoft. But Apple is very easy to adjust to, and since switching to Apple, I realized that microsoft can't compare to Apple. I will always stick with Apple now. If you do a search, there are a few threads about this. I would really look into Macintosh!! You won't regret it!
  4. If you can afford, go for Sony PC. It's a bit more expensive than Dell but very reliable. I never get a crash on Sony. There are many cool software running on PC, not on Mac. So stick with PC.
  5. Sony all the way! I have a Vaio laptop and I'm loving it. It's been with me for nearly 2 years and it has never crashed (knock on woods).
  6. I have a Dell and I've been happy with it. I have only done laptops for the last 5 years or so. Also, as to Macs, I've used them and I like them a lot. I think they are actually quite user friendly and really liked Apple a lot. Also, a lot of computer ppl I've spoken to in the past highly recommend IBM products.
  7. for PC's I would say Sony or HP. i know 3 people who have had nothing but problems with Dells. my family has had an HP for years... my parents had theirs for almost 7 years before the thing decided to slowly give up. I bought an HP probably 3 years ago and it's great, never had a problem with it.

    Mac's are nice but you don't get as much bang for you buck as you do with PC's. make sure you get at least 1G mb (most are offering 2 these days i think) and i highly suggest getting a card reader (for camera memory cards and stuff like that)

    most pc's come with the option of 2 or more slots for dvd, cd, dvd burners, cd burners, just get the combo dvd R + cd R that way you can burn dvds and cds and you can play any dvd's or cds. no need to have individual slots for that.

    HP used to have no interest for a year. applying was fast and easy. I tried to apply for dell and they wanted me to buy the computer before they told me if i was approved for their no interest promo rate.
  8. What broke on your PC's? If the hard drives are ok, you can buy a barebones PC unit and simply swap your drives over. You can get a fairly well rounded barebones for like 500 bucks.

    Then again, you don't really have a warranty on a lot of those like you would from a PC retailer like HP/Sony/Dell. Is that a deal breaker?

    Also, to all the Crapple lovers...Civilization isn't available for Mac. ;)
  9. ^^^ So funny how ppl have opposite experiences! I had an HP laptop for awhile and the thing had lots of issues. Overheating, slow, shutting down for no reason, lots of error messages, software would not install properly, crashed and lost everything twice in two years, one time the thing actually uninstalled the basic operating system also, in the process of me turning it off. It wasn't a super cheap HP either, like $1200 or so!
  10. I was gonna say the same thing... gamers can forget about Macs!!
  11. I have 2 DELL home computers and 2 DELL laptops at home..All of which I love.If u go to the DELL website.They can walk u thru what u need in your home system.....or u can call them and they will walk u thru it.
  12. Why? I have an iMac and I play Windows only games on it thanks to the Bootcamp function.
  13. oh yah... boot camp totally runs windows... xp AND vista.... so with a mac, you can use mac stuff, and switch it up to windows... not so on regular PC... just windows stuff for you..
  14. Thanks everyone! I don't really have a firm budget, maybe $1,000? But I'd spend more or less depending on if it was better for my needs. I think I just need to go ahead and order one and get this over with!!!