please help me balenciaga lovers :)

  1. Hello
    I'm new here in the balenciaga forum. Normally I am in the louis vuitton forum.
    But I have seen these beautiful bag on vanessa hudgens. So I hope you can help me I surch the name of these bag.
    I know the balenciaga motorcylcle bags but I think they look different as hers.
    So I hope you can help me

    thanks a lot :shame:
    bbbbg.JPG ghjkhz.JPG hj.JPG
  2. I think thats the Black CITY in GGH
  3. Its a Black Part-time with GGH. (:
  4. ^ yep, it's a black part-time with Gold Giant Hardware!
    You can also find it in silver giant hardware and regular hardware as well.

    check out the reference section for styles, colors, and sizes!
  5. Yes it is a Black GGH Part Time. Here is a good reference for size & price. :flowers:
  6. Welcome Minababe..I am guessing that we will see you back here sometime soon..perhaps to show your own Balenciaga?;)