please help me - bag just received :(

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  1. Hi there - I wonder if I could have your opinions please. I have just received this bag from ebay - this is the sellers description when I asked her about any wear :Hi, the corners are not worn or scuffed, the
    leather on the handle has darkened from use but is
    not worn, there is some small marks on the very
    bottom of the bag and small light scratches on
    back of the bag.
    I have been very critical of the bag to give you
    an honest appraisal but due to the nature of the
    leather and the style of the bag even with these
    light marks and the darkening of the handle, I
    would still rate the bag 8/10.
    I have looked after the bag and it has had limited
    use. Hope this helps, thanks and good luck

    I have added some pics of the bag - I haven't shown pics of the scratches,scuffs, marks etc - I think I can somewhat moisturise them out (the bag is so so so dry ) - but look at this fading - do you think a lot of tlc will help remedy this? I value your opinions and at the moment I could cry. I love the 'bag' but it looks knacked!!

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    Oh, that's a lot of fading :s
    Was this at all visible from her pics. Since she pointed out the other things such as the handles being darkened, this should definitely have been mentioned imo.

    I've seen LMB do fantastic work on bags so I would imagine they could do something for this bag as well. Though I'm not sure since it is not the whole bag that's faded, kwim. But you could try and contact LMB. And I would think that if you do send it to LMB then the seller should refund you for that. I would not be happy getting a bag like this had the fading not been mentioned or visible in the pics.
  3. Did you contact the seller? I agree with the previous post. That is something that should have been mentioned. Have you tried some mosturizer yet?
  4. Hi - no i haven't contacted the seller yet - I was hoping someone was going to say - Oh put a bit of moisturiser on it and it will be fine!!
    I am hoping the seller will be willing to give me a full refund - the listing certainly did not show any fading whatsoever (A tpf'er did suggest I got more pictures :sad: wish I had done) - it actually looks worse IRL
    I'm not going to attempt moisturising it as I just want to send it back - I keep looking at it and it just makes me sad.
    I'm in UK so LMB is not an option....
  5. Awww ... I'm so sorry for you. I do hope that the seller will do a refund. And I hope you'll find another Truffle soon :hugs:

    Maybe pm Aalinne_72 and see what she thinks. She's great with treating bags.
  6. I really hope the seller will give you a refund. Unfortunately once it's faded that much moisturizer won't help bring the color back. If you really loved the bag though perhaps you could send it to a leathersmith for redying?
  7. I've just contacted the seller so I will keep my fingers crossed - I hate any sort of 'confrontation' like this.
    There is a UK company who can do this but I would rather find another in great condition. This one was a good buy but that is hardly the point!
  8. With exception of the faded parts, rest of it look fine, if you got it for a really good price you can still keep it. I seriously doubt seller would refund since she mentioned most of the conditions & rated it 8/10, the corners look fine too. Fading might be because leather too dry or due to improper storage with light or sun damage, try to apply alot of Apple Conditioner rubbing it in circular motion see if it gets better. Truffle is such a nice colour. Caveat Emptor rule always applies when it come to buying online.
  9. I guess if it was really cheap it's worth keeping, but that's A LOT of fading (that should have been mentioned in the auction!) I'm glad you have asked for a refund... if they refuse, maybe open a claim with ebay, since they're getting more and more buyer friendly they may help you since it appears to have been totally misrepresented.

    Good luck! hopefully the seller is reasonable and refunds you :smile:
  10. Yes it's a lovely colour but IRL the bottom and back of the bag look deep and richly coloured and the top looks like pale sand. It's difficult to photograph but also the bag feels so 'rough'. Here's a couple more pics

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  11. To be honest, it doesn't look so much faded as just the leather's been stretched in that area so it looks lighter. I've seen this happen on other bags; the weight of the bag's contents makes the leather stretch and the color ends up looking lighter. But it does look noticeable enough that the seller should have mentioned it. Hope you can work something out!
  12. Thank you - I'm hoping I don't have to go through the whole 'snad' business because I do feel that this should have been mentioned. It cost me £400 which is alot of money for something that I will not use now.
  13. Oh ok..... there are sort of 'stretch' marks in this area also - so do you think, if she doesn't want to refund, that moisturiser may help if it hasn't actually been faded?
  14. I wouldn't do anything to it until you contact the seller. If you somehow make it worse then you can't send it back. If you are unhappy fill out a SNAD and send it back. I know it is a long process, but it is the right thing to do. Good luck.
  15. I'm not sure that you can moisturize the color back into that bag. It's hard to tell since you are only posting pics of parts of the bag. Can you post a pic of the entire bag to see just how it's fading or stretching to get a better idea of what's going on.