Please Help Me Authenticate!

  1. Hi everyone,
    I’m very new to online shopping. I’ve never actually purchased anything on Ebay before but when I went on to search for an Ipod for my boyfriend’s neice, I got caught up looking for purses.
    There is a Coach purse I really like and a lot of sellers have the same one listed. They all say it’s NWT (new with tags) but I am really afraid of getting a fake. I’ve never seen this purse in all of the two Coach stores here in Toronto (Canada) but that doesn’t mean much as I’m sure we don’t get the same merchandise available throughout the rest of the world. Could someone please help me figure out if this purse is authentic Coach. I’d rather have the real thing than a fake… even if it’s a damn good fake!! Real Coach is sooooo expensive in Canada and if I can find a bargain online, I’d be very happy. COACH-6818-Soho BLACK Signature Flap Buckle Bag-NWT$218 (item 320046242327 end time 09-Nov-06 18:30:00 EST)

    Hope this link works!!
  2. It's authentic & the seller has 100% feedback. Good Luck!!

    (At the top of this subforum there is an authenticate this thread, please post any questions regarding authenticating there)
  3. Hi there,

    Thanks for the reply and the info about where to post my question! This is my first time being part of a forum!!
  4. That's cute. Good luck!