Please help me authenticate this Tod's bag!

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  1. Hello all,

    I'm new here in this community and I feel so grateful to have everyone's learned opinions. :smile: Am planning to buy this Tod's bag - the seller claims it's authentic and the bag is from 2005 edition.

    Please help me in verifying the authenticity of this bag and thank you in advance! Thank you thank you all!



  2. It's authentic, and it is from summer 2005. Nice bag!
  3. thank you LT bag lady! :biggrin:
    i hope i can win the auction.
  4. Oh yeah! Mind telling me which features of the bag confirms its authenticity Isabel? I need to learn more about these things! :smile:
    Thank you!
  5. Tods -
    ALways have all metal Lampo zippers inside and out.
    Lining is always solid color in canvas or nylon, no signature!
    Stitching is uniform, no double stitching anywhere.
    T is embossed on zipper pulls
    Made in Italy stamped just below inside zip, and sometimes (all newer) number & letter sequence.
    Hardware is embossed with T's or Tods
    The dust bag is fleece on the inside, canvas type material on the outside.
    If i think of more I will post.
  6. I just want to clarify on the dust bag--it's a very thin, fine fleece--almost like a thin flannel inside the dust bag.
  7. I really can't offer an opinion just on the photos shown. I hope the seller provides close-up, clear photos of the hardware and the interior--lining, zipper, leather with stamping below the interior zipper, etc.

    Good luck--Tod's bags are well-made and timeless. I only have one, but it's one of my favorites. On the outside, this one looks nice.
  8. Thanks Boxermom, I will be asking for more photos. Is there anything in particular which would help with authentication? Thanks
  9. The lining shouldn't have any logo on it--should be plain cloth. The leather piece below the interior zipper should have "MADE IN ITALY" stamped on the left, the Tod's name stamped in the center, and "GENUINE LEATHER" plus some letter number combo on the right side. This is only on one side of the interior. The zipper pulls are leather with a stylized T stamped on them. On my bag (the D-bag Media) "TOD'S" is on each metal piece except the rings. The rivets have TOD'S at top and bottom of the round rivet (didn't look to see if this bag has round rivets). The stitching is very even, no sloppiness or double stitches. They probably won't show the underside of the zipper, but the brand for Tod's is Lampo.

    Good luck!
  10. Thanks Boxermom, I will post pics once I recive them...
  11. Bag looks good but to be sure would like to see the inside. That style is called the Nomande and is from 2006. Nice bag, I have the tote in black.
    Post pictures when you get them.
  12. Hi I got two more pics. What do you think? Thanx
    336 comp.jpg 366 comp.jpg
  13. That looks authentic! It's a very versatile style since the strap can adjust a bunch of ways.
  14. Looks good to me also. favoritethingshawaii really knows her Tod's bags. so glad she looked at this.
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