Please help me authenticate this Kate Spade bag!

  1. My eBay listing got pulled b/c I mentioned I wasn't sure how to authenticate it. So I went searching for a place that could help me!

    The inside tag says made in china. The bag is nylon.


    Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi Danielle and welcome to TPF!

    I do not think it is a good sign when threads on the handles are pulling or falling apart.:nogood:
  3. Yeah, I guess that is a sign. I picked it up at a thrift store so I figured it might be beat up a bit so I didn't care.
    I know about zero about designer bags :s .

    I guess I could carry it around myself, no one in my circle could tell the difference anyway!!!!!! :angel:
  4. Here's a great website with info on authenticating Kate Spade bags. You can try looking here:

    The person who owns this site might also be able to answer questions for you if you ask nicely. Hope this helps.
  5. That is an awesome site! I didn't see "my" print, but of course that doesn't mean anything. This is fun doing the research!
  6. Hi danibu98! It is fun learning about designer bags, the site Armcandyluvr pointed you to is where I have learned so much about Kate Spade.

    Compare your tag to the ones on the site thread by thread. I am pretty sure your cute bag isn't real but as you said, they aren't all pictured. Not only does the stripe pattern look unfamiliar, the way the straps are sewn to the bag isn't like any KS I have seen.

    The reason I started buying KS was finding a fake Sydney at a thrift store. I knew it was fake because the lining was cheap thin nylon when it should have been heavy cotton but I had a tough time with the label. There happened to be a Nordstrom's Rack with some KS with the little black label five minutes from the thrift and I checked out the Rack and went to the TS a couple times before I finally admitted to myself that the label was all wrong! Loved the design of the bag and now I have two authentic Kate Spade Sydney bags on my very long bag shelf!

    Designer bags fall apart like any other. I have a Brahmin that I cannot sell as the bottom half of the strap's stitching is gone. I have had to restitch most of the seams on a Ghurka Runabout, don't think anybody but me would want it now. My first KS boarskin has little tufts of loose thread on the handles. I like predinged stuff!
  7. i wouldn't say it's fake though becasue i have a few kate spades that have the usa tag inside but also a made in china one too and they were all from Saks from back in the day kate spades were really popular. My mom has that bag and her's fell apart after a while too so.... but i'll go examine hers carefully and be back in a while
  8. No it is not authentic