Please help me authenticate this Ferragamo

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I found these at a thrift store today for an amazing price. I’d really appreciate it if you could help me authenticate this pair. Please let me know if you need any other photos.

    Thank you so much for your help :smile:
    image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
  2. Hi purple_addict,

    I used to authenticate here unofficially, a few years back when there was an 'Authenticate this Ferragamo" thread. I have a lot of experience with Ferragamos, especially vintage pairs. Thanks for providing all the photos.

    This pair is a very lucky find because they're definitely authentic, there's no doubt in my mind. They're the classic Vara style with the gros-grain bow and the stacked leather heel. I've never been able to decode the markings on the inside of the shoe, but I do know that the '338' is the code for the Vara style. And your shoes are black patent leather in what looks like great condition - they're gorgeous and in my experience, the most sought-after of all Ferragamo's vintage shoes. Congrats!

    Best wishes, jcoll1960
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  3. Hi jcoll1960,

    Thank you so much for your reply. I actually found these at a fundraising event for only $5! I figured I could consign these for a much higher price than $5, but since you said they’re vintage and that I’m lucky to have found them, I’m definitely gonna keep this beauty :smile:
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  4. Oh wow - $5 - that's amazing! I'm jealous - enjoy the shoes (I'm assuming they fit) :smile:
  5. I agree with jcoll, the interior sole pic, the stacked heel, the numbering - all look consistent to me too with my older Vara’s. I think this may be a slightly newer one (probably still vintage as it still has the script logo on the insole) as the older ones just say Made in italy in all caps on the underside of the sole, rather than the script. Awesome find!!
  7. HELP PLEASE! Please help me identify if this is authentic ferragamo. Purchased from ebay seller from japan. The ribbon is double looped but im thinking can be a vintage model. Thanks! 15186634247541135061355.jpg 1518663444575900276678.jpg 15186634605572143201031.jpg 15186634806241240732425.jpg
  8. Hi everyone - appreciate if you can help me authenticate this pair! Ive saved up a long time for these so hope theyre a good buy!
    99D144A1-FADB-479B-B8CC-84C4397C8F64.png E92AF039-559B-4284-8D2A-9419D7902C49.png CE36E014-1D39-46E1-AE14-6F5EC2997841.png 4C4CE2CB-149F-4A3D-A123-883BF4752ADE.png CFA6B19B-EDE9-4886-8821-E553FD2035C2.png CD8D1CE1-EE5F-4F35-B9F4-299ACB217F3E.png BCED7516-8510-42EE-8031-8E9AF7D37669.png C016B218-AA6B-46CE-ABE2-C387AF319B0B.png 2F47C8C0-0C0E-4690-8C7F-D9F14B92816F.png
  9. Hi appreciate if someone can help to authenticate this pair too! Thanks in advance!! Screenshot_2018-04-13-22-07-23-70.png Screenshot_2018-04-13-22-07-14-55.png
  10. Can someone please help me authenticate this Ferragamo bag...called Magenta Strings and Tassels according to tag...has all
    tags, dust cover, box. Lining doesn't have Salvatore Ferragamo embossed on it as I have read it should. But then I read some of them don't so I'm confused. Client wants me to sell it for her. But I won't sell until I have some confirmation if it's real or not. Thanks
    IMG_7303.JPG IMG_7305.JPG IMG_7306.JPG IMG_7307.JPG IMG_7308.JPG IMG_7309.JPG IMG_7310.JPG
  11. Hi Everyone,
    I really need your help to authenticate this Ferragamo Bag.
    The seller made sure of me that this one is vintage.
    I bought this at store in my country. So I can't give you a link.

    Thank you IMG_20180728_124334.jpg IMG_20180728_124334.jpg IMG_20180728_124346.jpg IMG_20180728_124356.jpg IMG_20180728_124424.jpg IMG_20180728_124432.jpg IMG_20180728_124416.jpg
  12. Gave me this pair of shoes, but they did not have a box or anything.
    I think it's an old model because of the type of sole but there are details that make me doubt.
    could you help me to know if it is authentic?
    20180801_141109.jpg 20180801_141119.jpg 20180801_141135.jpg 20180801_141139.jpg 20180801_141144.jpg 20180801_141240.jpg 20180801_141245.jpg
  13. 9DD14F6E-2A36-4AF3-AEBA-DF344CC41317.jpeg AE380FEB-C9E3-4329-98F4-AF96A09DEA2B.jpeg 3C8B6FD2-75BF-4366-B03C-643555EB0813.jpeg 7527F2C8-1AD8-4C40-B5C8-9291DDBD403A.jpeg F562C32C-F965-4594-8850-11DF22C39D02.jpeg 294CF71C-9BD4-4B0B-AF65-9B32C5DAD16C.jpeg B5A409A0-0649-4BCF-A00A-77A0C94FD133.jpeg 24F85AB6-66B4-4434-8F55-C6436E69288E.jpeg Hi,
    I don’t know much about Ferragamo. I got this bag from eBay. The seller only has a few reviews. Please let me know if you think it’s real or not. Thank you in advance.