Please help me authenticate this bag!

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  1. hello all,

    I purchased this about a week ago. I question the authentcy of the bag and need some help! I posted a thread 2 nights ago freaking out. BUt i have calmed down since then. So your eyes will definately help me!

    What really questioned me was the quality of the bag. Alot of the seams came off the bag and has been frayed. Pictures are posted in the attachments. And notice in picture 7, it seems like the seams has been burnt, to hide some of the 'broken seams'. This is also in alot of places around the bag.

    Also, I purchased a med size paddy but returned it. I remember the med size paddy, the paint that wrapped around the leather was flawless. But on this baby paddy, the gray paint seem to come onto the leather I'd say 80% of the bag. I also posted a picture of the lining.

    Other then these faults, the bag looks legit. The leather looks good. But I just need reassurance! My goal of posting this thread is to know that this bag is authentic, if not I need to return it to the seller. I really really really like this bag and I can definately live with those seams coming off if this bag is authentic. If its authentic than I'll just have to live the thought that exspensives bag can come off 'bad' in quality.

    Pictures I posted Are the biggest faults.

    Your opinions are appreciated!

    Background on the bag:

    The seller purchased the bag Thru back in OCT2005.

    I have not use this bag yet until I get this cleared!
    paddy1.JPG paddy2.JPG paddy3.JPG paddy4.JPG paddy5.JPG paddy6.JPG paddy7.JPG
  2. If it was purchased form Aloharag, did you ask the previous seller for a copy of the receipt?
  3. No receipt, but a packing slip.
  4. I recieved a tan paddy from that had the same areas of concern that you are pointing out.

    I sent it back - NOT because it was not real, but, because it looked used, which is what your bag is, a used paddy. The paddy is over a year old, it is showing its age in all the places paddys show age.

    I am not an expert; but, your bag looks very real to me.
  5. THanks Logan! This makes me smile as it reassures me this is the real deal!
  6. Was it represented as new or used? Did you buy it at a good price?
  7. My first balenciaga from Bal-NY freaked me out - I don't know what I was expecting, maybe LV workmanship?? Either way - you just don't get it with these mass produced bags - you pay royally for the bags; but, the quality control is not that of Louis. ;)
  8. Your bag looks authentic to me as well. The lining looks good, the handles as well. It's my understanding that chloe is not too much into quality control. They look different and have slight imperfections depending on the bag. I bought a paddy from Nordy's in chocolate a few months ago. There were two bags to choose from, and one was significantly better IMO. The leathers were different, the color was even different. I saw some loose threads (not loose, but not cut all the way down) as you mentioned.

    I think you have nothing to worry about.
  9. I had a few paddys from NM that had been thru the cycle a few times and exhibited the same little problems yours does - so I think it's all par for a used bag. On my new one, I still see a couple stitch squiggles on the lock-loop tags, just like yours! I think all looks authentic - and gorgeous color! Hopefully you can relax and enjoy.
  10. I think some pics of the overall bag would help, too...
  11. *phew* thanks a bunch!

    all this time i was freaking out for nothing! hehe
  12. Its authentic, just used.
  13. I believe this bag is authentic just the typical sloppy QC from Chloe. I love the paddies but they aren't the best quality.