Please help me authenticate-How do u do it??

  1. Please help me to authenticate Two bags I have I'm pretty sure one is vintage Chanel but I really need to know. I have already tried to go the the Chanel authenticate part but where do you go from there?? If you go to the bottom of that page it has a box that says reply to a thread? OK I have read all the rules and I'm all good so now what? I have even asked for help by clicking the customer help part but no one even got back to me :sad: People get mad with me and tell me to go to the right place to get help but it's not that easy as you may think! I just need someone to tell me what to do after you go to the special category that relates it your bag? Please please please help me! Thanks :smile:
  2. Hi, the best is to click on "Go Advanced" here below, it will give you more options when replying (uploading pics and previewing your reply before posting etc).

    Is that ok?
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  3. Hello there, can anyone please help me with this Chanel bag I have had it for a very long time but not sure how old it really is? I took the photos myself! It does not have any kind of serial number on the inside of the bag but I once heard somewhere that older Chanel bags did not have serial numbers, is this right? The style of the bags looks quite old and the little black and gold booklet that comes with it looks old too. If anyone out there can help me that would be great. Thanks heaps Please copy and paste the link below

    Thankyou :smile:
  4. Thanks heaps Ellie for your help :smile: It's so kind of you. I do not know the name of the bag? I am not selling it as it was left to me. I took the photos. I do not know the history of the bag eg: where it was brought or anything like that sorry. As for more photos I do not know what more I could add as there is no number on the inside of the bag only lining and the one zipped pocket.
  5. Hi guys please help me! Im really dying to find out if my mom's vintage chanel authentic. This is my first chanel wallet thats why i need your expertise.

    My mom gave me her vintage chanel wallet! I love it so much its 2-fold caviar wallet. But the thing is IT DOESNT HAVE A SERIAL NO. IN PLASTIC however, it has a printed serial number in Gold! Have you guys encounter about vintage chanel wallet serial number printed in gold? mom's sure its authentic because she bought it in france a long time ago. So, i need your thoughts re this plssss :sad: TIA
  6. Hi, we are not knowledgeable here so you have to ask in the Chanel forum here:

    just post a reply in that thread.

    Also see this for authentication in the second post,

    Good luck.
  7. Hi and welcome, could you re-post here:

    (thread is in the Gucci forum, the experts are answering auth questions in that thread, add more info see first post)

    Good luck.
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    Hi everyone!! I was wondering how I would use this forum...Im new and I was hoping someone could identify a scarf or refer me to a seller that might hav something close. How should I go about it?
  9. Hi and welcome!

    I moved your post to this general thread instead, is it a Kate Spade scarf or which designer is it?

    p.s. I edited out your email address because it's not allowed.
  10. Hi!! Thank you! I have no clue how to work this so Im thankful your here!

    It is a fur scarf, I have no clue who made it. Carolyn Bessette Kennedy wore it.

  11. We have a great celeb I.D. forum here

    For posting guidelines see this thread

    The problem is you are too new for starting a new thread, perhaps you could look around the forums and participate for a while?

    Good luck.