PLEASE help me and give me opinions. I need advice!!

  1. So i got the bag I wanted for Christmas. I asked for it without ever seeing it IRL. while i do like the way it looks, the leather is kind of worrying me. it is veryyy...crinkly and matte. it looked much smoother and not as matte on the website. Certain parts seem MUCH drier than others, such as the sides of the bag and the strap across (pictures KIND of show this). But I do like that it has a deep inside and is very lightweight leather! The hardware is also very nice. I like the bag but I am not in LOVE. I am not sure if I should wait and see if I learn to love it or if I should just return it and wait it out? Do you all ALWAYS love your bags from the beginning or do you sometimes let tehm grow on you?...I am soooo wanting a new bag but don't have any others on my mind .so I am gonna post some pics and you guys can tell me if you like it or not!!! Please and TIA :smile: **please note that I had to use a flash because my room was dark....the bag REALLY does not look this glossy IRL**
    s7300280ls7.jpg s7300281vl4.jpg s7300282ky6.jpg s7300285jm6.jpg s7300294fv3.jpg
  2. I don't ever try to let a bag grow on me. If I'm not happy with it from first sight, my dislike for it will only grow over time. Even some I've loved at first sight turned sour if/when I realized the bag wasn't comfortable to carry or was impractical in some way. My opinion is more on how to handle the situation than the bag itself - I'd return it and wait for something that really grabbed me.
  3. My favorite bag is one DH bought without me seeing (or asking for it) and it took awhile to grow on me...but now I love it. (Mandy-Coach in black)
  4. I think maybe you should try keeping it or keep it until you can find another bag you would buy since you don't have a new bag in mind so far. If its a quality issue about the bag, I think you should def return it
  5. Darn that AC leather!! :wacko: I had the same issue with her City bags, I read that a lot of people loved the style (and I still do) but I could never get one that was quite right, mostly because of variations in the leather like you described or craftsmanship.

    I wouldn't give up on this style but I would try to get your hands on a few (eg, order through a reputable website with a strong return policy or buy in person) so you can inspect and keep the best one.
  6. Anna Corinna leather is hit or miss. Keep in mind, most leathers get better with wear. I would moisturize the "dry" parts and maybe give it a try.

    It's honestly a great looking bag... I dunno.. if you're not entirely happy and feel u might get a better one through an exchange, it might be worth a try
  7. Most of my bags I either love or don't. The ones I thought would grow on me never did. Now, if I'm not totally in love with it from the get-go, forget it.
  8. I ordered a bag online once (without seeing it IRL) thinking I would love it when it arrived. Truth is, I HATED it.....and I needed to rid myself of it ASAP.

    I've never been able to "let something grow on me". If it's not "love at first sight" when it arrives.....out the door it goes.

    And honestly, while you can ask the opinions of others here, at the end of the day it's you who's stuck with the bag and either you love it or you don't.
  9. If you're not in love with the bag then chances are you never will be. Especially if you're not too pleased with the workmanship already will you be in the future?

    I don't know if this happens to anyone else too but when I buy something I'm in the middle about it I usually don't wear or use it after that time. Its my favorite items I love that last. I remember I bought this YSL purse once that I thought was okay but I loved how soft the leather was and I thought I would grow to love it but I didn't. It's barely been worn and now I think hmmm...what if I just put that bag on hold and ventured out of YSL and kept looking around until I found a bag I loved maybe I would still be carrying it now?

    You can always try looking around until you see that bag that calls your name. Hope this helps and Good Luck!! (Let us know what you eventually decide.)
  10. I think it's a nice bag. For me though, if I don't love the bag I return it. I'll end up never using it and that's money that I could have put to a bag that I truly wanted.
  11. hi all, i appreciate your responses very much! I have decided to return the bag. Although I want to love it so much, I know in the back of my mind I just don't. I'm going to put the money torwards a bag that I will love very much!! Thanks for the replies everyone!!
  12. It looks fine to me. I fancy more something black but the brown is just fine. Stop worrying.. :tup:
  13. I really agree with most of the's either love at first sight or not.I think you've made a good choice by deciding to return it and either purchase another one or put the money towards one that you'll really love:yes:.
  14. Well, you have already returned it so my advice would be useless at this point. Just wanted to share something though. I bought Kooba brynne in oak about two months ago and was not in love with it the first time. I didnt use it for weeks for I was thinking of selling it via eBay. And then I gave it a try and guess what, its now one of my favorite bags. I dunno, I didnt know you COULD fall for a bag after a while. I am always using this one, for one, during rainy season, its not a problem plus I get compliments while using it. So now, I am very happy that I didnt sell the bag before.