Please HELP ME! ALMA bb in Pomme or Rose Florentin??

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Alama BB in Pomme or Rose Florentin?

  1. Rose Flolentin

  2. Pomme

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Im an hour away to get this bag but still deciding between this two colors!
    I already went to shop last time to have a look and try on and unfortunately I like both of them but Im only willing to get one!
    SA told me that Pomme is more popular color and already few people's on waiting list but rose color is soo pretty too!:graucho:
    Which color you guys think more pretty in alma bb size????
    PLEASE HELP MEEEEE!! THank :smile:
  2. My vote goes to Pomme
  3. You probably already purchased the bag by now, but I voted for pomme. I really worry about color transfer with the lighter bag, and think that the BB looks absolutely gorgeous in pomme! Be sure to do a reveal if you picked up your bag tonight!
  4. Definitely the pomme for me ! :yes:
  5. Pomme
  6. pomme!
  7. pomme!
  8. ohhhh quick!!
    tell us!!
    what did u get??
  9. Pomme!
  10. rose..

    and what did you get? :smile:
  11. Another vote for Pomme!
  12. I love the Rose .. what did you decide?
  13. Pomme
  14. Pomme gets my vote!
  15. Pomme for sure!