Please help me add to my collection, your thoughts on jumbo color?

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  1. #1 Sep 20, 2012
    Last edited: Sep 20, 2012
    Hi all. I really need your valued opinions on my next jumbo purchase. I don't have pics of my current collection but besides tons of black chanels, in colors i have:

    dark navy vintage ghw jumbo
    dark blue m/l shw seasonal flap
    black m/l ghw
    red 12c lambskin shw jumbo (bright coral red)
    copper 11p jumbo palladium hw
    grey reissue ghw 226
    dark bronze reissue ruth hw 225
    blue seasonal flap ghw
    light gold lux ligne bowler

    I am also most likely going to get the royal blue patent jumbo with palladium hardwarefrom the upcoming season.

    I am deciding between a 12a red caviar shw maxi (not sure about the size on me since i am 5-4 and i don't want to repeat red but this may be different enough)

    12a dark pink striped patent shw

    12a bronze jumbo ghw

    I love ghw so leaning toward the bronze at the moment

    Please give me your thoughts on which of the following you would buy if you had a collection similar to mine?
    I have never owned patent before so wonder how wearable it is, but it is a very pretty color

    (pics courtesy lovely tpfer zaraha and nat74)

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  2. It is a difficult choice as all options are beautiful. Though, I would go with the 12a dark pink striped patent shw; it looks like bordeaux, which is one of my favorite colors. Good luck! :smile:
  3. The dark striped pink patent looks gorgeous! So I vote for this as you don't have any in this color. I'm also biased with 12a red caviar but I have it in jumbo and I love!! Not sure how big the maxi would be (I'm also 5'4) but I love the jumbo size!
  4. Pink!!
  5. Try gold or beige. You need some light color to bright up your collection.
  6. IMO burgundy would fit best in your collection. The dark gold lambskin jumbo would be too close to your copper jumbo and the dark bronze reissue that you already have. Also have you seen the dk gold jumbo IRL. I was not much impressed with it as currently I am looking for more sparkly colors/leathers.

    BTW one of my all time favorites jumbos is the copper 11P! Lucky you, I missed it!
  7. thank you all for your input, i am definitely leaning toward the mauve/dark pink patent so far....its sooo pretty. i think that diversifies my collection the most but not sure about how patent leather holds up....i will see the bronze tomorrow and if its not love at first sight then i must go get that patent jumbo!
  8. My experience with my 227 patent reissue and two patent wallets, used daily and a card case, also used daily is great! Absolutely no reason for complain at any level. Holds up perfecly the shape and color.
  9. thanks dear! I'm not one to pull off a hot pink and burgundy is too serious for me, this dark pink/mauve is it then! it is really just too pretty irl
  10. YAY, a happy ending for you rania1981!
  11. BEIGE WITH GOLD HARDWARE! :graucho::graucho::graucho:
  12. Definitely striped patent. Saw it in green last weekend and it is so unique :smile:

    Unless you want a special occassion bag, then the bronze is a better fit.
  13. Dark Pink Patent!
  14. Rania, I just saw this thread, just by reading your collection I believe Dark Pink would fit in better. Patent is pretty durable, even my SA said patent is more durable than lambskin. You also seem to have gold color flaps, so I would vote for dark pink. :smile: I'm anxiously waiting to see what you decide. Happy shopping :smile:
  15. Pink!!!!!!!!!!!!!!