Please help me accessorize this...

  1. I just bought this cocktail dress to wear to an awards show in February. I like classic looks--but I have to be careful not to get too boring. I would **greatly** appreciate any of your suggestions on what to do about accessories.

    Left to my own devices, I was thinking about renting diamond earrings and a matching bracelet--then peep-toe platformed black heels. Maybe rent some sort of blood red clutch (think Judith Leiber) to make it pop?

    I have bright auburn hair and I plan to have it put up.
    Thanks for any suggestions you might have!

  2. Chanel white timeless clutch, pearls (necklace and earrings), some fun cocktail ring, and I agree with your choice of peep toe pumps.
  3. I like the idea of a red clutch w/ your red hair. I like the idea of pearls also. If you are renting jewelry, what about a ruby/diamond or ruby/pearl choker style necklace and earrings to match? Even garnet would be pretty w/ your hair and bag. A larger/bolder cuff style bracelet would be pretty too w/ such a simple dress. It all depends on how fancy the awards show you are going to is though too.
  4. Thanks so much, guys. This is exactly the type of advice I was looking for. It's a fancy awards show but it's for my job--I went with black because I didn't want to wear something to a work event that screams "I am not getting enough attention...take MY picture on the red carpet."

    I hadn't considered pearls. And they are a good idea. So's the red jewelry. Thanks again!
  5. No problem! I hope you enjoy your fabulous night out ;) You will look stunning I'm sure!
  6. I would wear diamond dangles or chandelier earrings, either all diamond or with a color accent (I like the contrast of greens to reds!), no necklace because the neckline is so pretty on the dress a necklace would be distracting. Also, a fun cocktail ring and diamond bangle would finish the jewelry. I would then put a Chanel timeless clutch as well with the outfit, finished with a evening sandal. That would be so elegant.
  7. Ok, I might be suggesting something more different than the others here. I think for the shoes, patent booties (think YSL or Louboutin) would look so good and unique.

    Skip neck pieces to show off your decolletage to its full potential, and don on pretty diamond studs for earrings.

    Since you're going for the unique look, why not stack on silver+diamond bangles (see Jennifer Lopez's bracelets when she was TRL a few months back). I think Cavalli has done some gorgeous pieces. A giant cocktail ring would look fabulous.

    As for a bag, Judith Leiber would be great - look for something with an exotic skin like croc or lizard - it'll pull everything together.
  8. i suggest to change the color of belt... white accessories are advisable..
  9. I think that dress is beautiful!! Please share where it was purchased!!
  10. I think what you came up with is great!!!

    Priiin also had a good suggestion. Either way you can't go wrong!
  11. Thank you all. I really appreciate the help--I'm nervous about this event and am trying to get it "right." :smile:

    To answer your question, I got the dress at It's a Carmen Marc Valvo dress--and they had a good sale and the "HOLIDAY" free shipping coupon still worked. Bergdorf has(had?) it cheaper if you can wear an 8.