Please help me accessorize this dress

  1. Hi all, I got this dress for an upcoming wedding, and need a little help with the accessories. I';m thinking of doing gold shoes and bangles, and a magenta or plum clutch. I found two lauren merkins that I love, but want to make sure I won't look too flashy/trashy. What do you guys think? Any other suggestions? Thanks!!!

    Here are the bags;jsessionid=VUDK402NYSO5GCQAAKNRPVA?itemId=prod23560009&parentId=cat207700&masterId=cat260101&index=3&cmCat=cat000000cat257221cat260101cat261004cat207700
  2. I love it!! What a fantastic color. I have a dress in the same color and I wear gold heels and a gold bag. Great idea...Im sure you will get lots of ideas from the ladies here. Its gorgeous!
  3. I love it 2! You will look great.
  4. Love the necklace! I was actually thinking of keeping the neck bare and just doing a bold(ish) cuff or bangles? You guys think no necklace will be too bare?
  5. i think a bandle and that cluch would be a bith heavy for the arms -
    too much attention being drawn to the hands.

    you can easily do a bare neck if you leave the hair down but would need something for the neck if you plan to put it up (or if you have short hair)

  6. With the neckline of the dress I wouldn't wear anything.
  7. OK, if I go with the bright clutch I'll keep the wrist simple. Good call. Which clutch do you prefer (if you like either)?
  8. I agree with this, especially for a wedding. :tup: I like clutch number 2. The dress is beautiful.
  9. I like the clutch from AE.

    Depending on how you wear your hair you could wear earrings if you want to wear jewlery. Or something fun in your hair. I agree on going simple at the neck and the arms.
  10. I like the AE clutch. I think the BG one is too shiny to wear with a shiny dress, KWIM? I love the magenta and green combo though!

    I would skip the necklace and go with bold earrings. And I think the bangles would look good.
  11. love the 2nd clutch i would do earrings and bangles. Personally i don't c why u should leave ur wrist empty. If i wear carrying the clutch in my right arm i would wear the bangles in my left.
  12. loooove the magenta and green!
  13. go for bangles earings and bare neck
  14. Thanks everyone for your input. ugh I can't decide on the clutch and it seems like you ladies are split on it also! I think I'm more wowed by the patent, but I also love the suede and think I might get more use out of it long term. Any other votes?