Please help, Manhattan PM or Mizi Monogram?

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Manhattan GM or Mizi Monogram

  1. Manhattan GM

  2. Mizi Monogram

  3. Other

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Since I joined this forum (only 2 months ago), I have learned quite a bit about designer handbags, and more importantly, what suits me the most. So far, I have acquired 2 LV bags and a Coach wallet. Now, I am shopping for my third LV bag. my first monogram canvas bag. Both the Manhanttan GM and the Mizi Monogram appeal to me. I can only buy one of them, because I want to keep only one bag per line (meaning the Monogram). Please help me decide and explain why you choose one over the other.
  2. I voted for the Manhattan GM because I prefer the look of the Manhattans (PM & GM) to the way the Mizi looks. I like the Mizi, but I think that the Manhattan will be more functional.
  3. I voted Mizi, I love the shape of it!
  4. I voted for the Mizi. :love: I have this bag & think it is very feminine and also discontinued. I think the Mizi has lots of room without being a heavy bag.
  5. i love my Manhattan GM, but you should get the Mizi first because it's already been discontinued. you can always get the Manhattan GM another time
  6. I love the shape of the Mizi, so i voted for it. It is also worth grabbing because it was discontinued.
  7. Get the Mizi, it's beautiful and discontinued!
  8. Mizi
  9. I voted for the Mizi, and if you change your mind about getting one from each line... GET BOTH. :P
  10. i voted for the mizi, just because it's discontinued.

    if you like the size of the mahattan PM but the shape of the mizi, how about the klara? the mizi is kinda big.
  11. If you can get your hands on Mizi, then get the Mizi!!!:yes: Such great looking bag!!!:love:
  12. Mizi!!!!
  13. i like them both, but if i were to make a choice between the two, i'd choose the mizi. it's discontinued, so you won't see it around as often as the manhattan gm.

    they are both great bags, if you can, you should get both... mizi now, manhattan gm later on
  14. Mizi!!!
  15. Wow, thanks for your opinion. I was learning towards the Manhattan GM initially. Your comments changed my mind.