Please help-magic eraser damage!!!

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  1. I got a new purse and got knows how I got it dirty-so I used the magic eraser on the the stain and now there is a big stain/water mark left from the magic eraser!!! I just got this bag yesterday! Is it because the vachetta is still wet from the magic eraser?? :sad:
  2. Pic?
  3. Water stains will look dark when dried slowly on their own. Sometimes when I accidentally get some water spots on the leather i would re wet the spot and immediately use a blow dryer to dry it and that would return the leather to original state.
  4. When Vachetta gets wet and leaves a stain it is best to stretch that spot or bend so that spot can get air to dry completely. Beat to do it right away!! I have done this many times.
  5. I wouldn't use hair dryer anywhere near leather!. The heat and sudden change in moisture content could cause it to crack.

    However, I agree that to prevent/reverse water spot; I would also re-wet the spot with wet cotton cloth and wipe it again soon after with a dry soft/absorbent cotton cloth.
  6. Thank you for giving me your opinion on this. I'm trying to look past the stain. I have learned my lesson to just not mess with stains bc I make them worse :wacko:
  7. I used the magic clean eraser on my very preloved noe and it did go darker but it was just wet and took a while for it to dry but it did go away.

    Is the spot dried up?
  8. I did it it yesterday eve-so 24 hours ago. It seems like it has gotten a little lighter but I might be wrong. How long does it normally take to dry up?

  9. By the way-I LOVE your speedy azur!!! So beautiful :smile:
  10. It should have taken less than 24hours to dry. I've had to clean my noe several times to remove stains and some still remained but are much lighter. I conditioned the vach after I it dried which did help to blend in any left over stains that I couldn't remove.

    Thank you! I bought the azur speedy on impulse and it's one of my faves! :biggrin:

    Good luck!
  11. I will order the LMB conditioner to use. Thanks for your help!
  12. Magic erasers are a big no no. They have a oil preservative to keep them soft and foam like. On a new bag the only thing you should use is a white eraser.