Please help! Magenta GSH or Sky Blue GSH Hobo?


Magenta or Sky Blue GSH?

  1. Magenta!

  2. Sky Blue!

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  1. I am buying a Giant Hobo and I need some quick advice about colour! I saw Sky Blue in person today and thought it was GORGEOUS, but I do already have Ink, Blue Glacier, Ocean and am buying an '08 Turquoise. I'm also worried about fading...

    My other option is Magenta, which is very so lovely, but the leather isn't as nice as Sky Blue in general. Either would go quite well with my wardrobe...

    What are your thoughts? Which colour do you prefer for this style, and with the silver hardware? :flowers:
  2. I voted for magenta, because I think you have enough blues but could use a little more pink! ;)
    GL, sweetie!
  3. I vote Magenta t:huh:.. it'll add another color to your rainbow of bBags~!
  4. I voted Magenta. I think it would look beautiful with SGH. Good luck with your decision!
  5. I voted SKY BLUE... I love blue, it's my fav colour!
  6. You already have plenty of blues, and the magenta is to die for!
  7. If you can find a nice looking magenta - then get that. Most I've seen are too veiny/washed out looking. The sky blues I've seen are all beautiful and it's a pretty blue. Maybe you could sell your blue glacier and get the sky blue if you feel like you have too many blues. :shrugs: Anyways, I'm voting sky blue because it's a lovely shade of blue.
  8. I voted for sky blue. I personally prefer magenta, but from what you said it seems like you like sky blue more. I think sky blue is different enough from the blue bags you already have to justify getting it :yes:
  9. Really, I think you couldn't go wrong with either - both would be so gorgeous for the SGH - but I voted for Magenta since I think it would make a nice addition to the gorgeous blues that you already own.
  10. I voted SB!! I saw both IRL and the blue is just such a much prettier shade for me!Good Luck Cheshire!:flowers:
  11. I think it'll look hot in magenta!
  12. I voted Magenta too since you have a nice blue family already. Also since it is a hobo, you would be slinging it & have lots of friction against your clothes so maybe Magenta would be a better choice since it is darker(less prone to colour transfer). I think Sky Blue known to fade, with all the additional friction might just speed up the fading process.

    But which ever you choose, both are gorgeous colour.
  13. I prefer Magenta to the Sky Blue, especially when talking about SGH. I think also a smaller bag would look cute with Magenta and it would look very cool.
  14. i voted for magenta before reading your post, so i'm giving a second vote to the magenta because you have a lot of blues! (and i personally love Magenta :smile:)
  15. Wow, Cheshire.......yea!!!! you're going for a GH bag. I chose's very edgy with the silver. Post modeling pics when you get it!