Please help! LV hot stamping! (Serious)

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  1. Hello everyone. This is my very first thread on :smile:
    I am about to purchase LV Keepall 45 bandoulière from Monogram macassar. I am thinking hot stamping on luggage tag as well. The problem is my initials are JC since I took my wife's last name. Would it be weird if my initials JC on LV bag instead on JCPenny goodies? I am worry because of JCPenny. Thanks for read my thread and please give me some advice.
  2. Do you have a middle initial? If you have something in between the J and the C, people wouldn't associate it with JC Penneys. I would put three initials.
  3. Even with just JC, I wouldn't associate it with JC Penny. JCP maybe, but not JC.
  4. I would put JC, I don't associate it either with JCP.....Agree that you could also include a middle initial...I love hot stamping luggage tags...!
  5. lol, my initials are actually JC, but since I live in Europe I'd never associate them with JC Pennies. However, I did use a middle initial after long consideration (although the second syllable of my first name actually belongs to the first name)
  6. Do whatever you feel comfortable with, anyone who even realize that it could be JCPenny should also have the knowledge that it just happens to be one's initials, and if I personally saw it, I would know it's your initials, then maybe start guessing what your name could possibly be. If it helps, my initials happened to be GHW- and yes ever since I joined tPF, I realized that maybe I need to start liking gold hardware more than silver hardware. :lolots::lolots::lolots:
  7. +1
  8. I agree with the others and wouldn't automatically think of JC Pennys with your initials.

    You can always add a period in between too.. "J.C"
  9. +1